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Dear Forum Members,

Like many of us, I have recently ventured in Agriculture after working for more than a decade. I have around 45 acres of land with many plots and lots of levels. I am looking for an accounting / farm management software so that I can track the total cost in each plot and returns. I want to ensure that I have all the records of what am doing and what should we do (based on what I have planted, software may give me plans for next steps).

I have seen many such software on net by us and Australian companies but do we have any local Indian software?

Would be looking to hear more.

Hi, I was researching this too and could not locate one either.

However, if the community can pool in the requirements and features for such a software, we could probably volunteer to get one built that can help the community, though I imagine it will take a good deal of time. I was thinking earlier we could provide such a tool within FarmNest if we manage to get this done.

So if any one has ideas on how the software should be or knows of some such software, this topic would be a nice place to post away.

Thanks for quick reply

I can share some of the links to similar software. Best option would be to map your land using google earth image and keep records for each plot to know timeline, inputs and yield.


Please contact me for FarmERP software which you are looking for and many people are using it. 09011041045

Hi sanborkar, I have looked at your site and have a question.
Which of the applications would suit a small farmer for his book keeping and doing some basic GIS mapping, and what would be a rough cost?

Mr.Chandra, FarmERP v.2.1 professional edition is useful for small farmers. FarmERP v2.1 Enterprise edition is useful for medium to large farms. For pricing details please call me as I need some more inputs. Or send me your contact details.


Thank you. I have looked at the online demo and could not locate a GIS module - something that integrates with Google maps etc.?

Mine is more a general query - I am not looking to buy immediately, but a view on the features and ball park cost puts things in perspective for a farmer with a few acres of land for example. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks. FarmNest is quite nice and active forum !

We are working on GIS module to be integrated with FarmERP. But presently available software is useful to remotely access farm information over the web. Pricing is based on modules you select and needs more understanding of customers’ farming operations. Regards,


Dear Members,

Is there any software which will be usefull for sheep farming.

I am currently doing it in excel and a couple of other jugad ways… But am thought processing a blueprint to efficiently be able to manage/track various aspects on one platform(preferably).

As Chandra suggested, Lets all try to pull in the requirements and make something of our own based on the diverse experience of senior members here as a community.


yeah… i too have an excel based MIS and ERP for my day to day work. its a huge file, so cant upload it.
Chandra HELP !!


Hi Vivek,

You can use dropbox to store the file and provide access to people or see the link how to share big files. … rge-files/



too much info for my little brain!
will take time to study it.

Thanks Bhanu for the idea and where hows.


Hi Vivek,

Remove all personal information from the file, zip it using winzip/7-zip etc. and tell me the size please.

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while searching on net I have found this web base software I am trying u may also try please suggest its free. Me also new to same pls check & post ur views

Ravindra Lende

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We are solution providers in Farm Management ERP Systems. Please let me know a good time to talk to you. I can be reached at


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Can U share ur excel jugad software with me ? my email is ravilende at gmail . com
I am also trying to do something same.

I found this one…

Hope it helps