Farm Land with Overhead High Tension Electric Line Voltage Power Line


I have visited a land which has “Overhead High Tension Electric Line Voltage Power Line”.  I would like to know the disadvantages of this land before deciding on it.

The only disadvantage I know of is:
[li][/li][/ol]Cannot plant Big Trees like Tamarind, Coconut etc next or near the power line.

Anything else need to be considered.

If you are buying it you can negotiate it for rock bottom.

There is a chance (1 in 1lac) of getting short circuit. Last week here in Karnataka it happened a crop of sugarcane in 4 acres burnt. The high tension wires broke into fire and fire got spread to sugar cane.

hi Padmanabhan,

please ensure the safety of the workers if you go ahead with this land. Maybe very rare - but when it comes to life n death, we need to be prepared if not avoid it. I would like to suggest 3 points.

  1. Keep the electricity board phone number ready, if any short circuit seen, immediately call them and disconnect power; check and rectify the issue.
  2. Always keep fire extinguisher(make sure it is within the refilling due date) and plenty of water handy. Its better to be prepared and not get a chance to use it.
  3. Insure the crops and workers. Although money cant give you everything (specially life), having it surely helps in tough times.

Good Luck

  When i was searching for a land. I had come across the same problem of a High tension wire in the land.
At that time i had goggled if they are any side-affect being so near high power line. You could look at this below link . … lines.aspx
Please note that it is not conclusively proven but did not want to take the risk, so brought another land.
Hope this helps.

HT wires buzz all the time.

It is commonly thought to affect the mental balance of people.

This pdf suggests many more: … -facts.pdf

After understanding the risks involved in this land, I am NOT buying it.

Thanks to all those who provided guidance.