Farm land Fencing

I have land of 5.5 acre land near madhugiri, planning to fence all around.
Well wishes has suggested to do the following:

  1. Stone post with 4”x6”x 7’.
  2. Maintain 8 feet Distance between posts.
  3. Support post of 5feet height.
  4. Support post on both sides of post for every 4-5 posts and every corner posts.
  5. Barbed wire of 4 lines.
  6. Cross Barbed wire throughout…
  7. Digging of .75 x .75 x 1.6 feet dig…

Perimeter is 2400feet…
Kindly suggest on above points and please provide the details of costing…

  1. Cost of Stone post 7feet.
  2. Cost of Stone post 5 feet.
  3. Cost of barbe wire.
  4. Cost of labour to erect the post.
  5. Cost of labour to fix fencing.

Also please provide (if available) the contact no of respective persons…

Thanks in advance…
Kiran, 9663488008

Good morning

I can see that there is some requirement for fencing work in your farm, of which
1.Stone post you can find after enquiring with your neighbours around your farm who have done fencing 2.barbed wire you can find in hardware shops in nearby town rate varies from place to place here in Hyderabad it is around 50 per kg

3.Cost of digging hole, erecting posts and fixing fencing In our region is around Rs150 per pole whether it is supporting post or main post

All the best

With regards


I have recently installed stone fencing in my farm of 4.5 Acre in Mysore.
so i can give you the cost it took for me

  1. Cost of Stone post 7 feet.
    I got the stone Pillar from Kolar. 7ft hight stone pillars at 270/Piece. I needed 235 Poles.
    it Costed me 63000 including transportation to your Farm gate.

  2. Cost of Stone post 5 feet.: I have no Idea,

  3. Cost of barbe wire.
    I got the Barbed wire from TATA wiron, at 105 rs/KG. 1 bundle is 26 KG (12X14 SWG) so i needed 572 KG i,e 22 Bundle which costed me 60,000.
    i have 6 horizontal line between poles and 2 diagonal i,e X between poles.

  4. Cost of labor to erect the post.
    I gave contract of installing poles and Barbed wire. including digging, erecting poles and wiring.
    150 rs/Poles. I paid 35,000 as labor.

My total cost was 1,58,000. Excluding gate.
yet to install the gate. they are charging me 15000 for gate.

i hope this answers your query.


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for sharing the prices… this will really help me to decide…



Could you please provide us the kolar contact person details to purchase stone pillar

This is really valuable information, I am planning to do the fencing for our farm(5.5 Acre) near mysore. sir I need to contact you, is it ok. can you pass me your contact number.

yes sure u can reach me at 9611163626

@madesh74: I am also trying to get the fencing done though my land is pretty small(3/4th an acre). My land is near Melkote… Can you ping me your number plz.

Hi all,
I have ordered the stone fence pole for 400 pair…
Size : 4 inch x 6 inch x 7feet

We are planning for fencing in madhugiri… near Andra border…

Will collect and share his contact no…

Please send a what’s app msg to below no…




Thanks for the quick response sir, will call you.

My phone number is : +1-408-813-6857