Farm House : Plan and construction

Hello All,

I am looking at building a farm house on my farm land . Looking for a buit up area on 250 to 400 sft, , please suggest if you know any one who can construct the same in tradition and eco friendly.

My farm is 10Kms from Denkanikottai (Tamil Nadu), appox 50kms from Electronic city , Bangalore.

Any suggestion and recommendation really appreciated, thank you in advance.



I also have a farm near Denkanikotta

Can visit and offer some suggestions

R Chandramouli

R Chandramouli

Hi Mouli ,

Thank you, did u build a farm house?



Not a farm house but a proper house.

My village is Poonapalli- Bithireddy off Denkanikotta to Kelamangalam Road.

R Chandramouli

Check out Thannal natural building workshops which are conducted in Tiruvannamalai. Will give you some basics that might help you work with .

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Hi Chitti,

I have recently built a 250 sft farmhouse near Ramnagar. This is a one room studio with toilet and kitchenette attached. This is built on Green building principles. It has a verandah all round.
I can be able to help you with designs and construction. Incidentally, I am an architect and there will be some charges for my work.
Also, I built a large farmhouse in denkinikottai and am familiar with the place.
You may contact me at 962 078 3338.
Phani Ram.

Hi Phani,

Your number here seems to be a wrong number.
I need something for Ramanagar…please share your right contact number


Hi Mr Phani,

I need suggestions for making a Holiday Home (abt 750 to 1000 sft) on Eco / Green building Concepts in Kerala.

Can u PL advice

Thanks n Regards

Prasanna, 9731166001

HI phani
Can you share your no, i am interested to build near Hindupur, Bangalore border farm house nearly 750 to 1000sqft with Eco house with Mud brics stricutre

srinivas 9845979665

Thanks Phani

My village is near Denkanikotta

Is it possible to visit your farm house near Denkanikotta?

R Chandramouli

Hello Chitti,

The farm house is in Holiday Valley. It’s a 2000 sft farm house with separate servants quarters.

It may not fit your requirement. What fits best is the small unit in Ramnagar which I can arrange a visit.

Please share your contact number. We may discuss.



Nice one.
Quite similar to my farmhouse.

What is sq.ft are for this house. what materials used? How much did it cost you …