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I have brought from vizianagaram industry .From Visakakhapatnam you can contact sri Venkateswara wire products .



Near Canara bank,
B Block, Autonagar,
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I don’t know the price but my price in vizianagaram was 53 per kg . So ask him accordingly for 3 or 4 inch gap and 10 gauge .

Where is your farm .

@ Narendra … MY FARM IS NEAR Sabbavaram and I am an ORGANIC FARMER

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Hi! All…
I have a polyhouse in one acre of my 2 acre land in Guntakal, Anantapur District, I’m considering fencing options, please let me know how could we work out the costing for 550 meter perimeter of my rectangular farm…

  1. Stone poles (what is the height required and min. breadth & length of stone poles & costing)
  2. Barbed wire or Chain link mesh costing?
  3. Labour cost



You can use fencing eqipped with solar panel.

If some human or animal touches this solar fencing he will get a shock and siren will start automatically.

This shock will not make any harm to them.


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Check some estimates for chain link I just updated on the farm fencing guide:

As per my experience it’s better you use stone poles as they are available cheaply in your area and use chain link mesh. In our area it is 54 per kg. You will require around 2 tons.


If you are only trying to protect from the animals, and you are short on budget, you may choose the combination of Chain link and Barbed Wire.

Go for 3" Chain Link at the bottom which stops majority of the animals coming and and above which you may use 3 or 4 lanes of barbed wire to stop the human intervention.

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You might have to maintain that there is no grass growing under the solar wires, as the grass or the bushes also can trigger the alarm. If you plan to have chicken, dogs, or sheep/ goat inside, they also can get impacted

Villagers have a very good technique to fuse the solar and enter if required.

Hi! guys…
Thanks for the inputs…
I just got an estimate of the 9 feet stones each is costing me Rs.300 including Transportation (180 stones required) it is costing Rs.54000 only for stones.
I’m worried that the entire costing would cross a lakh for 2 acres fencing.
Is the cost meaningful?

What is your perimeter? 100 rupees a foot for chain link is a rough estimate.

That’s the minimum amount. If you go for barbed wire add another 30,000. And labour charges and fixing stones and installing barbed wire take another 25,000.

Please note that chain link fencing works great in place where the land is plain and no ups and downs as it creates space below the chain link.

I tried this option as my land slope and we have step by step plots.

So only option is Barbed wire at 6 inch gap.


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Hello Mr Udai

i am from vizag and have a 2 acre land near devarapalli. i am new to farming and am thinking of developing my land and into organic farming. Firstly have to start with fencing and so it would be great if you can share information and experience on how you went about with your fencing which would be a great guidence for me.
Thank You
Sudha Jayan

Hi, you can review the farm fencing topic under farm guides section, also linked in some of the above posts.

Hi Badhri, I got my farm near Arcot, Tamilnadu. I am planing for fencing my farm too. Please share me the contact from were you’ve purchased stone poles.

Has any one had experience with the difference between normal and TATA chainlink wire?
The cost per kg varies Rs. 20-30. Is it worth the difference for farm fencing?

The actual stone cost is Rs.150 but as the place is far from my farm it is
taking Rs.150 for Transportation, so my advice is to procure the poles
nearer to your place so that you could get at a lesser cost.


Very true. Thanks for your reply.


Do you remember if this was TATA wire?