Farm Fencing options and cost for 10 acre land



Dear Gurus

I’m looking for options for fencing my 10 acre land. Have received quotes for Solar Fencing, but a little skeptical with it. I want a rather safe and cost-effective fencing to be done to the farm. Can you please suggest me the best and cost effective methods other than live fencing?

My farm is located in Pallikonda, near Vellore in Tamilnadu. It is 25 kms from Vellore on the Chennai-Bangalore highway. Any references in this area is very much welcome.

The farm is bordered with general pathway on the entire length on one length and breadth, has other agricultural lands on the other sides. Wild Boars are the main menace and cattle/human trespassing also need to be contained.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Deepak Prasanna S



Hi Deepak,
About 4 years ago I fenced my 3 acres land. It also had a irregular shape. I opted for stone pillars 7’ height with barbed wire (we used Tata wires). Each pillar was set a distance of approx 8’ from the next. There are 4 strands of barbed wire and a cross between every 2 pillars. We have an iron gate, fabricated by a local fabricator, which is mounted on 2 stone pillars which are finished in cement plaster.
I remember the stone pillars costed us Rs 170 each including delivery. The workmen took Rs 75 for each post which included digging for and fixing the poles and attaching the barbed wires. We used solar wires for binding and not the regular binding wires. I don’t remember the price of the barbed and binding wires. I think we bought 250 pillars but didn’t use all of them. Our total perimeter is about 1700 running feet.
Our fence is still standing. So I am happy with the result. The downside is the neighbours send their goats inside the farm by spreading the wires. Hence, my mango trees were damaged.
It took about 6/7 days with 5 people working.
We have other farms on the East, West and North and road on the South.
I think I have covered most of the salient points. If you need more information let me know. You can call me on 98450 87034 preferably before 2:00 PM.