Farm Fencing - cost/subsidy/crop

HI All,
I have 5 acres agricultural land having good irrigation facility ,I am planning to fencing to my farm, what will be the minimum cost of farm fencing? does it have any subsidy available? if yes what is the process?

which is the good crop in Amaravati,Vidarbha, Maharashtra,
Please suggest me any medicinal plant or anything which give me more money?

Ajay Anasane

Hi Ajay,
    as per my knowledge no subsidy available for fencing in maharashtra .  You can plan for natural fence, sagargoti seeds are mostly available in nagpur kvk . Some time ago I was reading a article regarding Vidarbha region  where farmers opted for jackfruit and getting good money due to demand in MP mandi’s .

For medicinal plants we do have an expert on farmnest board, but will suggest to take extra caution . Figures shown by most of agencies regarding produce  do not match the reality .  There are lot of organic farms around  amaravati due to influence of palekarji, you can get in touch of them .


Thanks Prashant,
Does natural fence protect from wild animals and how many days it took for complete fencing?
what is approx. cost for natural fence?

Can I get any idea about good cash crop for Vidarbha.


Hi Ajay,
    we have few threads on natural fence in farmnest, including sagragoti (sagrgota/ghachkaya), please search .
I had few sgargoti plants, even a six month plant is so thorny that animals stay away from it .

I wont be able to suggest exactly on cash crop, but there are lot of farms around nagpur/amaravati who are doing really good with turmeric, ginger, bamboo, lemon, pomegranate, fresh vegetables, curry leaves to name few  .

You may check feasibility of vegetables if  you can manage regular transport to the nearby cities, depending on water availability and type of soil .
Hope it helps .


Thanks a lot Prashant,
Do you have any rough estimation for natural fencing?

Hi Ajay

I am from Yavatmal.

Please see this link for your query Here Search the article ‘The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the FENCE’ or see the PDF attached.

For your query about farming please meet Mr Subhash Palekar whenever he will be available and gives you time, you can have his details here -

Contact No of Mr Palekar 9850352745

Hope this will help you.
Thanks and regards
Anant Joglekar
Techie2Aggie The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the FENCE…pdf (2.3 MB)

Dear Ajay,

I have been through the process of building farm fence over last couple of years. What is the purpose of fence? To keep wild life away or just mark the boundary (and deter the trespassers)?

If it is for trespassers you can go for simple barbed wire fence. You can plant native trees/bushes along the fence.

If it is to keep wildlife away you have couple of choices:

  1. Chain link fence - Works best if the terrain is more or less flat. Otherwise can leave gaps below the fence.
  2. Electric fence - This works best for wildlife; small or large. Depending on type of animal you can install the wires (number and vertical fence.)

My farm (Western ghats Satara) is surrounded by forest and there is abundant wildlife; bison, deer, wild boar, rabbit, porcupine, bear, etc. Around this time of year when grass has started to dry out and farm has green crop every all animals are attracted to it. So I have chain link for all large animals and for crop specific small areas I will be installing electric fence in next couple of days.

Good luck.


Dear Satish

Please share the cost details and relevant details about design, material used, labor used etc. whenever you get it done.

Anant Joglekar

Dear Anant,

First let me apologize for quoting wrong thread in my earlier post.

For the electric fence you will need following:

  1. Fence energizer. (The unit costed me Rs. 2500. It covers up to 2 km of perimeter length. There are models that for larger perimeter.)
  2. Posts (every 15 feet or so). You can use steel L angle (expensive) or small wooden posts/branches. (Free)
  3. GI Wire. (We used 16 gauge wire @ Rs 85/kg. A Kg has around 150 ft.)
  4. A good battery (40-60 Ah) - Rs 5000
  5. Battery charging facility (solar or state electricity power). Around Rs 2500.
  6. Insulators for posts. (not expensive)

The Energizer, battery and charging unit is common to the setup. One unit can protect multiple areas as long as perimeter of each of those is within the limit of energizer unit. The wire, posts, insulators will be needed for each area.

I have installed 2 wires (one at 5" from ground and other at 12" from ground) to deter small animals (rabbit, porcupine, wild boar). Will install additional wire if needed later.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the details Satish.
I wanted to know 2 things which came to my mind.

It deters animals, big and small. Will there be a fatality if an animal touches? or say if i human (kid and adult, any) comes in contact with this fence?

And what will the power consumption be? Is this system actually consuming power or it is only passing in the fence? So what will be the cost of power that will have to be paid every month?

In few states supplying grid power to fence is considered illegal and falls under power theft like in Tamil Nadu . So check with discom first.

Regarding architecture  satish here was pin point. Here if one uses bamboo it would be very economical but you would compromise the rigidity against forceful impact.

And The power supplied along the lines is controlled pulses of very high voltage but definitely not life threatening when used with energizer.

Also there are alarms both audio visual and sophisticated mobile alerts these days.

The fence area if it’s around forest or reserved area one needs noc from forest dept.