Farm creation in Kodaikanal Hills

Dear All,

I am new to this forum and I am much impressed by the comments and updates provided on the farming and other tips.

About Me: I am a software employee who is interested in farming. I am planning to shift into farming as a full time within a couple of years. We would like to contribute back to mother nature in form of agriculture

Plan and aim: My friends and myself have bought a land around 3 acres on foot hills of kodaikanal, which is at an altitude of 1000 feet. Our plan to is to create a small fruit and spice farm. The aim is to create full fledged farm which will help to reap profit from second year onward as we are strongly made up our mind to shift to agriculture.

Plantation: We made an initial analysis and found that the fruit bearing trees and spices would be a good option. I have planned for nutmeg, pepper, durian, rambutan etc. In addition, We are planning for vegetables so we can get some amount initially to pay the workers.

Workers: We are planning to have around 3 to 4 persons for helping in cultivation and managing the lands dedicately.

Friends, need your valuable suggestions on which fruit bearing and spices will be more beneficial and where can we get those. As we are stepping into new area. We need your support and expertise to make it a great success.

1.All depends on location to choose which type of fruits/vegetables .Share the location details .Fruits may not be good choice ,check out for Monkey Presence …
2.3 to 4 persons is too much for 3 acres of land .
3.Pepper/Cardamom is a good choice .

How many worker per acre is required for managing the farm ?

Ideally one person shall able to manage 3 acre .More than that management becomes tough .

you didnt mention the location …

Hi vivasayee,

Sorry for the delay in reply and thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

the land is in Adalur.

In addition to pepper and cardamom, is there any other spices that suit this area.

Your reply will be greatly helpful.

HI. I am planning to buy 3 Acre in Kodai as an Investment along with my brothers. And i stay in Chennai. Is it worth as an investment. Do you have a reliable & experience Farm Management Consultant. Which is the best are which is viable for farming with supply of required resources.

Kodaikanal is a ideally place to do Hydroponoic and Aquaponic Farming.

For more info Contact
Chennai Hydroponics
WhatsApp No 8148732297

Kodaikanal is a ideally place to do Hydroponoic and Aquaponic Farming.

For more info Contact
Chennai Hydroponics
WhatsApp No 8148732297

Instead of kodaikanal you can buy land in Attapadi Hills.( 46 km from Coimbatore). I recently bought 4 acre there. There is plenty of water and can pepper, Coco, beetle nuts , guava coconut etc…
Vivek Murugesan,

What price you purchased.? Is it available

Try reading about and attending workshops on permaculture farming. It requires much less labour and bears maximum productivity. It is the smart way of farming. You can dive into multilayer farming for more produce. Check these out on Google.