Farm Automation

Asking all farmer friends- There are not many farm automation tools ready made and available(in India) in the market. One thing which caught my eye was the phone based Motor on/ off device. However i couldn’t find a device which could measure the moisture in the soil to go along.

I am sure there would be a few things which others would have seen or there may be needs which are there which could be fixed with some sort of community work.
Can we put together a list so that we can take it up as a community project which could help all farmer friends. Lets see if we can get a project going on with all the techie friends we have on this group and solve a few problems.

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Drones for spraying Pesticides are being adopted

There are some who have developed Probes which pick up PH, Moisture etc and push to a cloud to provide Analytics and advice to farmers ( I was mentoring a group of Engg College Students but they sort of disbanded and took up Jobs unfortunately–But have come across others)

P N Subramanian

Thank you PNS sir, you are right there is a firm in Andhra Pradesh called Fopple attaching the link to their video.

I am sure there would be many other issues which our farmer friends have which can be resolved by technology. Would be happy to put this list together with inputs from the group and then see if we can drive a solution.

Hi! psundresh
Great to here that u r thinking of automation. I have also googled on the same few months before. Here are what I found.
Raspberry Pi as main controller. It can be controlled remotely and programmed to start and stop drip. Cost 3000 Rs.

Solenoid valve can be used with laterals to open and close valve supplying water. Cost approx 250 Rs.

Moisture sensor can be used to detect moisture level in sand. Cost approx 100 Rs.

Dheeraj jhamb


Thanks Dheeraj, Solenoid valves along with moisture sensor and then completing the mechanism with a GSM/ Sensor input based pump device is good setup.

Any one using solenoid valves in their drip irrigation setup?

Hi sir, please take a look at our products. We are an IoT sensor based agtech company based in Mumbai and we focus on precision agriculture. You can give me a call at 9820438177.

Somehow we stopped communicating–I have been talking to a couple of guys on the sensor based stuff–They say that bandwidth costs wd become prohibitive–Seems some Low Frequency infrastructure is coming up which cd help