Expert Advice requested - Drip Irrigation


Hello Farm Lovers,
I am in the process of setting up my 4.5 acre high density fruit orchard (mostly Guava, with a sample selection of mangoes, pomegranate, jack, lemon, sapota, etc) in Tamil Nadu.

Drip irrigation will be installed in about 2 weeks from now, and Solar Power for Water Pump will be set up in about 10 days.

I wanted the Bore well to feed water into a Sub surface water storage Sump with HDPE Liners, and from the Storage Sump on to the Drip Main lines and the plants

Unfortunately, the JCB could not excavate below 2 feet as the Soil was very hard, and the teeth of the JCB bucket was rather blunt.

To avoid delays, I am now considering supplying water directly from the Borewell on to the Drip Main lines (bypassing the Sump altogether).

Water yeild from 430 ft deep borewell seems sufficient, borewell pump is 8HP/18 Stage, Drip Main Lines are 2.5", Sub Lines are 2", Maximum head is about 300 metres, my plants are all tiny saplings now and will now require less than 10 litres of water per day for the time being. Total requirement of water should be approx 40,000 litres per week, in 2 or 3 cycles.

Am I on the right track to bypass the Sump? Or is it a wrong idea?

If needed, I may go for a small sub surface irrigation sump with HDPE Lining after a few months.

Do let me have your inputs. Thanks in advance.:pray:


hai shankar. i am vijayakumar from kalpakkam. i have installed drip line for my 10 acres land for watermelon. the total calculation was done based on the water flow capacity, the pressure of delivery. since you have mentioned that the delivery head was 300 meters. it means that after deducting the suction head of 430 feet you will get the pressure 20 bar/kg per cm2. it will affect your pipe line. first you have to put pressure reducing valve to reduce the excess pressure to care of your pipe line. and the second thing is the normal calculation is per emitter point, the discharge will vary from 2liter per hour to 8lph and above. so calculate that how many drip points you need and add all together and calculate how much water you require for irrigation. based on that you can go for direct bore well irrigation or for storage type to cater the requirement.if you need any clarification send reply


Thank you Vijaykumar. I appreciate you taking time to reply in such detail. Let me grasp your reply, calculate as per your advice and reply for after that for clarifications if need be. Thanks again for willingness to share the information for the knowledge of all. God Bless :pray:


Vijay-- Very useful suggestion --Where do you grow in Kalpakkam—I do farming in Cheyyur–Wd like to visit you some time–Pl share yr number–Mine is 9840035099


Thanks for the your suggestions. I am planning for 5 acres of water melon from next few weeks. Can anyone guide me regarding precision farming for water melon from land preparation to harvesting. It would be helpful to me.

My soil is red Sandy soil. I have 2 inches of water from bore well. Previously nothing was cultivated from 5 years.

Thanks and Regards


Hello Narendra, I am sure you will find expert advice in the Forum. You may have also tried to Google some info yourself. I saw some useful material on the Web. Am sharing the links with you, just for starters.


Good luck:+1:


Thanks for the reply. Looking for experience from n. Vijay. If he could share his cultivation practices it will be good.

Thanks and Regards