Experience with Angad Diesel Hal (Mini Tiller/Cultivator)


Does anyone have expereince of using Angad Diesel Hal? Is the performance commensurate with their claims? Is the after sales service OK?


I met the Regional Manager ( Mr T N Ramesh) for Angad, and visited their Karnataka distributor (Sachitra Automobile& Fabricators, Ramamurthynagar) today. The base 4.5 HP unit + 3 accessories ( rotavator, plough, cage wheels) costs 85000. Other attachments like ridger, cultivator, water pump, sprayer etc cost extra. They were happy to explain in detail. Overall, I am impressed, but would like some actual user feedback before making the investment…

word of cuation on rotovator blades: You have to account rotavator blades as consumable item, just like peterol or engine oil. If your land is gravelly dont even think of rotovator. because it gets worn out with 1 hr of running.
A tiller rotovator baldes(a set of 18 blades) costs 3.5K you can rotovate 36 acres before it gets worn out. you can get cheaper ones also, starts from 1.8K.

You can also consider of a tiller, which costs 1.5 to 1.8 lacs and you will get 50K to 75K subsidy(check your your dealer, varies from place to place). you can bargain with dealer for 1 lac and he claims subsidy takes care of all paper work.

You will be paying 15K to 30K extra for 14HP.

Blades of Rotavator donot wear in 1 hour, i have seen these machines operating in hilly areas full of gravel rocks etc and they work for good 1 year period or so.

This machine is really good. Specially this company is providing it with multi-function option. they have all kinds of attachments ready with them. Also ask the company people to provide you with customer contacts who are already using it… that should help…

This personal experience. if you need more info feel free to visit me. At the moment I am using it(work will get finished within a week).

If I keep tiller unused my blades also last for 1 year.

looks like you represent Angad. I have not commented anything on Angad. It is just the life of blades. If you read carefully I have mentioned 36hours of running of rotovator on normal soil.

I dont think measuring life in years is good idea. it should be running hours.

Blades of my Kubota tractor rotavator are rated to last for 100 hours of work in regular soils. They cost 5000 - 6000 per set - so it is about Rs. 60 per hour for the blades. These are supposed to be imported and high quality blades.

Obviously they last much lesser in gravelly soils and should not be used at all in stony soils.