Exotic vegetable cultivation without poly house : Scope

We are IT family from Bangalore and want to explore the concept of exotic vegetable farming here. We want to start small as we don’t have any real idea about farming. Can anybody help us?

  1. Which part of  Karnataka is  good for such exotic farming. Is there any place or farmer here where we can go and see how they are doing it?

2.What are the exotic vegetables that will grow best in Karnataka climate, soil and whether condition?

  1. Is poly house a necessary? If not then what are the exotic vegetable that we can grow without poly house?

  2. What is the smallest size of a poly house and how much will it costs?

We are enthusiastic in making a life out of farming. Thanks in advance for all those who will give answers to our question…

Thanks again,
Deb & Ratnabali

brocolli can be grown in open… under partial shade… not direct sunlight.

capsicum can also be grown in partial shade, but then returns would be less, so are the investments.

and climate/conditions… about that… you tell us the actual condition in your farm, so we’ll know all the more.


You have to plan for your market also. In Bangalore Star hotels and fastfoods like subway… are procuring. They have regular suppliers from Ooty.

These markets needs supply thruout the year. So you need to sell it an agent, because buyers prefer agents who can supply constantly.

Lettuce,chinese cabbage, celery are in demand. As I said ooty is the only place you can go for open field exotic vegetables.I request Ashish sharma to comment on this.
Smallest size of poly house is 10 gunta(cost effective) it costs 10 lacs. you can get 4.7 lacs subsidy from horticulture department. it needs pre-aproval.

Finally a question: Why only exotic vegetables?

Thank you Sir,

Poly House Farming is not Economical with smaller extent. One cannot get any Extra Price for the Products of Poly House Produces in the Local Market.If it is Lager Extent the Farmers are Exporting the Products of Poly House. Then it is Economical. If you are an absentee Farmer, we are suggesting you to go for Melia Dubia Plantation and you Can grow Exotic  Vegetable under that Shade.We are attaching the Procedure and Income on Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem) Plantation which is risk FREE with Very GOOD Assured  Income  with maintenance FREE

hey again!
i am planning to grow some exotic vegetables in open, under my mango trees.
posting pictures.
Picture - 1 - Land i have selected for the trials.

rest all are seed packets.

will keep updating as the preparations progress.

some more seeds i have got.


Thanks to you all for your reply. We will get in contact with you again once our land is finalized. Thank you again…

Deb & Ratna

dear all,

i  would like to add few points  about chineese cabbage cultivation

try  to grow chineese cabbage during  summer climate,  cool climate it will start

flowering (experince in idukki,kerala condition)

before planting chineese cabbage sow  mustard seeds  covering border of the plots

to aovid pest attack

we  noticed severe  snail attack in open field.

spray  lime 500 gm + sulphur 250 gms / 200 lits water  every 15 days.

thank you
good luck

hi Mr viks  you alwaysmake me astonish with your different approaches in farming.  now into exotic veg cultivn.
pl  inform us abt the temp eratures prevailing in your area.  just to know  abt the requirements of the exotic vegetables.
thank you

first of all,you need a market for exotic vegetables,go to the vegetable market and find people dealing in exotic vegetables,check with them what are the prices on an average and how much is consumption.
biggest buyers for exotic vegetables are five star hotels and high end restaurants,you may tie up with them to supply regularly.
you wont be able to sell in big quantity,i checked here in delhi,consumption is very less.
you can opt for cherry tomato in open farming,lettuce,kale,parsley,leek,rocket.
you can grow them in patches on your land,for example,transplant seedlings on a small patch of land,and then after 15 days transplant on other patch of land,this way you will not get produce from entire farm.you will get small quantity which will be enough for your local market.
if too much produce reach markets,prices crash like hell,so better keep a control on your supply.

hey Mr.Ak,

its been a long time since i am doing the same work on the farm, so the growth is saturated.
i have a lot of free space in-between the mango trees that i have.
so why not do something new? and the investment is hardly anything, compared to the returns i am expecting + its a trial for me.

all / most of the crops i have selected have the lead time of about 1.5-3 months. the point is that the temperature will be low till the crop life is done.
current temperature is between 10-30 degrees Celsius, and the land i have selected is under the mangoes, so they have a lot of shade.

lets see how it goes.
the red cabbage have been shifted. attaching picture.
iceberg, brocolli, pakchoi are yet to germinate. so waiting for them to pop up and then shift them.


Thank you Sir,

Shall we have the Price list of the Exotic Vegetable seed to vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com