EVE's Gift - Durian ( Durio zibethinus )

Eve’s gift - Durian (Durio zibethinus)
King of Tropical fruits that has origin in Indonesia has been under cultivation in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia , Cambodia , Vietnam , Sri Lanka , India and the demand for this fruits has been on the raise every year .
Why Durian is called Eve’s gift
The durian flesh contains estrogen and testosterone . Lot of women folk could not conceive naturally due to insignificant or very low level of free estrogen When durian fruit is consumed regularly it release free estrogen in blood stream and aid in natural pregnancy .Likewise the steroid present in fruit escalates the androgen in male and act as a very good aphrodisiac .The antioxidant property also prevent the cancer in human being . Changing life style , farming methods ,and food habits are the main reason for imbalanced endocrine system
Even though the demand for this fruit is increasing in big volume , the production of flowering and fruits takes inordinately longer time say 12-20 years in direct seeded trees and 5-6 years in grafted trees .
Now innovative research is being undertaken on this miracle Durian plants to produce durian plants that are able to produce flowers and fruits in about 12-15 months ( over one year old ) after planting in the field .

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Is it possible to grow Durian in coastal areas of North Karnataka?

Can you mention the annual average rainfall and yearly spread over and altitude in your location ?

Avg yearly rainfall - 2500 to 3000mm, almost all of which is deposited in 103 days (monsoon period).
Altitude - 16m
Temperature - Between 22 - 35 degrees. Sometimes temperature reaches 38 degrees but during these times, weather gets humid especially during the March - May months.
Soil - Lateritic

Thank you :slight_smile:

Great .Under this climate you can try growing Durians for positive result

I’m from marathwada region in Maharashtra, here in summer temp is up to 45 degree. Can I try Durian plantation.
If yes, pls guide me from where I can get plants.

Thank you & Best Regards

This location looks ideal for Durian plantation .The demand for durian fruit is escalating .A kg of durian fruit is selling @Rs.1000 that too in advance booking

Ideal location for Durians

Ramu Garu Good evening .How are you sir. your Postings are inspired us a lot.
Kindly enlighten us where shall we get the "Durian plants that are able to produce flowers and fruits in about 12-15 months ( over one year old ) after planting in the field . Where shall we get them and what is price and number of plants per Acre etc. What is the Income range ,I want to grow them in Hyderabad sir.
MANNE.SN, Satyanarayana.Manne 9133498366

Dearest friend and Great Agri Tycoon of Hyderabad Shri. Mannegaru .
How are you .I really admire your enthusiastic spirit to grow Durian . Eventhough the demand for durian is overly excessive and business prospect is boundless , Hyderabad does not grow Durian . This exotic fruit tree belongs mainly to tropical equatorial climate with prolong rainfall and short dry weather and high relative humidity .
However this durian can be grown in latitude apart and away from equator only when the climate matches closely to equatorial climate .
For example the myth of pome fruit ,Apple that it can only be grown in hills was broken and apple is being grown in plain now .
So you can try durian in other location other than Hyderabad .

Hello sir ,

Is it possible to get the seeds or saplings ? From where ? Cost ?

Dear Mr.Yugaaa
You can not grow this from seeds bcoz high segregation .Graft is the best option .
Import is the only way to get quality saplings .

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Dear Sir,

Kindly let me know whether durian can be grown in Hunsur taluk of Mysuru in Karnataka…
This area has a rainfall range from 700 to 1500 mm and temp range from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius

Have a borewell giving 2 inch water…

The msl is 700 m

Pls advise is this climate is suitable for growing durian .

I also want to try magusteen in the sloppy field of having good fertile red soil … kindly advise

Best Regards,

Srinivasan Raju

Yes you can grow bcoz in a similar climate in kampot province of Cambodia world’s best Durian is being grown …
This Durian is a treasure house of real commercial Agriculture Activity .
Best of luck …

Dear Mr Ramu,

Pls advise where we can get saplings in Mysuru district



No Durian sapling is sold in Mysuru

Where can we get from in that case… do you have any idea?

Hi I can get you the graft saplings for you in Mysore,
Minimum Quantity must be 50 or more. please let me know incase you need them.
mail me at

Hi Ramu,
Could you please provide your contact number.I would like to seek your advise regarding Durian cultivation.