Event at Zaheerabad, near Hyderabad:International Permaculture Day, May 4th 2014

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives is conducting a day-long workshop at their Permaculture farm near Zaheerabad, Hyderabad on May 4th 2014. The event is hosted by Pemaculture Pioneer in India, Mr. Narsanna Koppula.

Prior registration is necessary before the end of day 3rd May 2014 to attend. Only the rest of the day remaining to register!

From their Facebook page:


[quote][size=100]On the International Permaculture Day – May 4th 2014
Theme : Reclaiming Food Freedom
Our Emphasis:Saving Local Land Races
know ,experience & learn from the “ Aranya “ Permaculture farm in AP-11.5 Acre functional Perma model farm, Bidakanne village, Jharasangam mandal, Zaheerabad, Medak district.

Event Open to All
Event Timings : 10AM -5PM

The day activity includes Knowing & learning from Aranya farm-the design & components (knowledge on wind breaks, alley farming, mixed orchards, improved soil fertility,composting, mulching, soil cover, diversified cropping systems, fodder, fuel plantation,vis-à-vis seed sowing to seed storing, Regenerating the soils farm work ethics and social responsibility of maintaining soil health, food and environment for peaceful existence and social justice to be possible for all life forms) , Knowing of adaptable Permacultural practices for subsistence farming in rain fed areas, Conservation of local land races, Action planning for Women participatory permaculture works, Biodiversity conservation approaches,Knowing experiencing & sharing more of the application of Permaculture knowledge to the grass root level communities in India.

(Local food will be provided for lunch, Please arrange your own transport)

Call 8008515615/ 9010905852 / 04064100253 for participation confirmation[/size]

Hi Airfoil/ others,
  Anyone from hyderabad/secunderabad going to this event? If yes, I would like to join. Please let me know. I do not have own transport and don’t know the place also.



I am likely to go, but I shall be starting from the Vikarabad area, you could join me on the way back.

Zaheerabad is about 100km from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad-Mumbai highway. From what I understand, the event location is on the right, about 10km off this highway, 5km short of Zaheerabad.

what is the name of this farm?  Is it Pastapur Farms? if this correct, it is more than 25 year old permaculture farm.

Yes, I believe that this farm is near Pastapur. The name of the organisation is Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, run by Narsanna Koppula.

Their Facebook page contains more information.

Also at www.Permacultureindia.com

Airfoil, were you present at the meet?

I went there. PM me your real name if possible. I met many people there, but don’t know if you were one among them :slight_smile: This farm is not the one developed by Dr.Venkat. This is Narsanna’s personal farm. Dr. Venkat’s farm is near Pastapur village closer to the highway. Someone showed it on our way back. Just got a glimpse of it.


Ah, are you guys going tell us all about the event?

The event was a good place where got to me many of the other Hyderabad city farmers and also some of the ladies who form DDS. They shared their experiences and we had a question and answer session with them. Loved their emphasis on how they grow according to season and without any bores or wells.

Recorded one small part of the conversation.

Lot of discussion on how and in what way permaculture in India can include the growing of annual crops. Emphasis was to plant more permanent food sources and depend less on annual crops and vegetables. It was interesting to hear that the women still can forage up to 90 different kinds of greens. They dont grow any greens nor do they save any seeds. they grow in and around their farms.

Walk around the natural farm which has many of the permaculture principles. Got to see some of the things like planting many of the green manure trees in abundance. Near orchard trees, on bunds and as wind breaks etc.

Lunch include many of the local millets grown. Wonderful meal prepared by the hosts.

Last but not least a short session on seeds…which unfortunately was rushed. Importance of local seed and varieties were displayed.

For me personally it was great to use the use of green manure tree and gentle trenches for rain water flows.

That was a nice short recap madhu. Do you have the entire conversation recorded? It gives me goosebumps to hear these women again.

I think we need a session exclusively with them to talk about various practical aspects.