Eucalyptus/subabul/acacia plantation in fertile agriculture land

I have 10 acres of fertile agriculture land with round the year irrigation facility in krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. Presently paddy as Kharif crop and pulses as Rabi crop are grown by me in this land every year. But  of late, shortage of agriculture labour is making paddy cultivation an unviable proposition.Hence I intend to switch over EQUALYPTUS/ SUBABUL PLANTATION in this land. I request the forum members who have got knowledge on these plantations to suggest me whether it is good to go for EQUALYPTUS plantation or SUBABUL plantation. I heard EQUALYPTUS plantation degrades the soil fertility and  the land becomes waste land over a period of time. Is it correct?

dear sir,  if your land is having good drainage, go for eucalyptus crop. purchase clones from ITC Paper Boards , Badhrachalam  khammam dist and plant @ 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft distance with drip and in 4 1/2 years years you can get good yield and good rate.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank you for the guidance.But I read in the net about the soil degradation by the EQUALYPTUS plantation. Do you have any knowledge about that. I am more concerned about soil fertility rather than income.
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Madana Mohan Rao.

Go for Savukku (Casurina ).  It will resolve your dilemma.  Savukku does not degrade your soil or lower your water table.

Dear sir, Upto my knowledge, there is no official statement by any govt agri/horti university, and/or by govt body related to agri/horti and/or by authorities of agri/horti, asking the farming community, not to cultivate eucalyptus. Discussions are moving about eucalyptus farming, but un-authorised.

I have grown eucalyptus in 1988-89, with clones of ITC,bhadrachalam, by providing drip irrigation, by providing beds, even feeding neem cake,vermi compost etc and got good result.

My observation says, one issue that the roots of eucalyptus spreads all around and plants existing near by are found weak. Due to this, I used to dig trenches of 1.5 ft wd x 2 ft depth all around my field where eucalyptus plantation is existing. Then i found that my rose plants, chrysanthemum plants, my Mahagany plants and my BOP plants were good and healthy.

so i advise you to take your own decision to go or not for eucalyptus plantation. If you want your side farmers should be good, even you can help them by digging a trench all around your land.

best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

thank you GP Rao Garu,

What you said is OK . But the Lands Grown Eucalyptus are being wekened. In Kurichedu, Vinukoda were weakened after removing the Eucalyptus Plantation. Earlier they have grown Eucalyptus when ITC Bhadrachalam were provided Buy-Back Agreement. But now they are not giving Buy-Back Agreement. Now the Farmers are planting Mango and Battayi (Orange). But the the Plants are not Growing well as that of the Lands not grown  Eucalyptus . The reasons there for are not analysed.

Further Eucalyptus is for a Single use i.e. Paper Pulp. But we are recommend to our Forum Members and Co-Farmers to Grow melia Dubia which is hacving Multiple Applications(Uses)(1) Plywood Peeling (in 6 Years) (2) Plywood Base(2-3Years),(3) Particle Boards (2 years) (4) Biomass(1-2 Years), (5)Paper Pulp (3-4Years) (6) Construction and Furniture Timber (10 Years) (7) Environment Protector , Since its Being considered as  Fastest Growing Tree in the World by the Scientists  Globally (Since Planting). No doubt this Plantation is  having Proven Performance in my Farm as well as in my Client’s Farms. I have grown Melia Dubia with an Inter-cultivation of Plantain BANANA . It was Grown well without any disease (Particularly stemveivail) and Frut Clour is attractive. Which may be seen in the Attached Images. Further can see the TWO Years Plantation under rainfed  which was Grown well without Irrigation.

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See some news on eucalyptus ban in Govt forest. … /#msg10640 … 440926.ece … 559693.ece

Dear Sri Sir, You are right sir. In principle, i am very against to eucalyptus farming. even i never call it as a farming also.

I only gave clarifications for his question, and upto my knowledge, no official circular came to ban eucalyptus farming in farmers lands, till noIt is a fact that, abuttting lands crops are affected badly with eucalyptus farming and i have mentioned in my post also.

with best wishes to you,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Official circular you cant get because bureaucrats don’t want to. It is the only fast growing tree and once in 3 years officials get a big bounty in auction for harvesting.