Environment Controlled Poultry House

Environment Controlled Poultry Houses are now gaining popularity both in broiler poultry farming & in layer farming. In this system of housing temperature & humidity are maintained at desirable level with the help of fan, cooling pad & electronic controller. Birds  remain comfortable . Energy loss is low in this type housing. There is improvement in feed conversion ratio (FCR) .Simply speaking  less feed is required to produce a KG of broiler meet in comparison to conventional housing . The controller monitors house environmental conditions and adjusts the heating & ventilation. In case of broiler there is more production of meet & more egg in case of layer. I have uploaded one video on Environment Controlled Poultry House.

Dear Sir,

Can you please tell me where is that farm located?  And i see that the sheds are coverd with covers ( not sure) both outside and inside ontop. Will they be coverd the whole life of chicken until they are in the shed or would they open it up for some time daily. As far as i have heard ,seen and experienced, the birds need good air flow as they stay in the same place for a year (Layers) 10 weeks( Growers) and 8 weeks( Brooders).

Is it safe? I agree that the FCR might come down but what about the mortality and production?

Dear Thelayer
The above mentioned poultry farm is located in Dhenkanal district of Odisha. About 70% of breeder poultry farms of our country are now running in environment controlled poultry houses. There are three such farms in my district alone. This type of houses are totally safe both for broiler & layer poultry but cost of construction is more. Traditional poultry houses can be converted to environment controlled ones. Since ventilation is also controlled birds get fresh air. Bird mortality is very low. It is difficult to describe details in this forum . If you are interested to visit such a poultry house Please contact your local veterinary officer. There might be at least a dozen such houses at the outskirt of Bangalore

Thankyou Dr.

Also i wanted to know if they are covers that are hung inside and outside please. Is it that only the ventilators added to the normal shed that makes it environment controlled or are there some other add-onns ?
Reason i am asking is that I will be constructing the sheds very shortly and if this is helpful i will surely make mine an environment controlled shed.  :smiley:

Thanks in Advance!