Enquiry - Red lady papaya

Hi Admins, Sr. farmers and all members…Namaskara…

I have 2100 sqft land in heart of Bangalore. I want to build home for me in there, but not now. So the land is free.
My family is settled in Bangalore. My father-in-law is a retired person, so my famly will take care of that.

  1. I can farm red lady papaya in there ?
  2. suggest only papaya or any short term crops ?
  3. In 2100 sqft how many papaya can grow in HD format ?
  4. prefered ZBNF or chemical farming, coz I have to build home in that land later.
  5. What about the market for the fruits ?
  6. Water – can dig a bore well, anyhow I need it later also.
  7. How much time needs to get the papaya tree to produce fruits ?
  8. How many Kg. fruit we can expect form 2100 sqft land ?
    The entire land have granite fence.

If time permits, reply soon.

You can for Papaya red lady. Saplings can be obtained from knownoyu Tumukur, 08162285040. They quote 13rs plant. Nurseries sell @10.

Looks like it is 52.5X40 plot. You can house 35 (at spacing of 7’x8’) red lady plants.
Rest of the information can be seen in below link
knownyou.co.in/index.jsp?bod … ECBF84T002

Thank u Sri Bhavu :slight_smile:

I would like to know that all the available varieties of papaya which are hybrid and which ones are desi. In future if i would want to go for papaya plantation i would want to grow desi papayas with natural farming process. Please suggest.

Papaya is not a native fruit of India. but farmers prepare plants from selected trees without any name we can call this as desi.

Honey Dew, Coorg Honey Dew, CO-1,2,3,4, Pusa Delicious, Pusa Majesty, Pusa Giant, Pusa Dwarf, Pusa Nanha, Pusa Nahi, Solo, Arka Surya,Arka Prabhat. All these are developed by Govt institutions across India.

Marketable verities are, RedLady, Arka Surya, Solo.

Redlay is widely accepted in market because of its keeping quality, uniform size and moderate taste.
Solo taste wise better than redlady but keeping quality is not good. Shop keepers/fruit mandis offer less price for this veriety.

Sri, thanks for the market info. Arka Surya, Solo aren’t they same? I mean Surya is derived from Solo itself (its derived from sunrise solo)

Can you share your number and location please