Emery Roll Rice Milling Machine and Whitening Machine Usage Summary

MNMS18X2C EMERY ROLL RICE MILLING MACHINE AND WHITENING MACHINE is mainly used for brown rice milling as well as whitening, particularly suitable for processing high moisture (below 18%) rice. With a more cost-effective twin-roll milling , which is equivalent to two single-machine , the machine features big capacity, high precision, low rice temperature, and convenient to feed. It is ideal equipment for 100-120 T/day rice milling plant.

MNMS18X2C Emery Roll Rice Milling and Whitening Machine Characteristics:
Due to parallel double rollers, the machine features compact structure, covering small required area.
Flexible feeding and balanced production from twin-roll meet the needs of various of processing ways.
Rice milling under strong negative pressure and multi-point adjustable air intake in whitening chamber feature big capacity, low rice temperature, less bran and broken rice .
With special chamber design, it’s convenient for customers to replace screen.
Supplying many kinds of motor pulleys can be suitable for different varieties.

Technical Parameters:
Power(kw): 37-45