Electricity generation

Hello All,

I have a steady flow of stream in rainy season in my farmland, i was wondering if anyone has any experience in building micro-hydro turbine for electricity.  .5 kv should be good enough to be consumed by one house with LED bulbs.  Appropriate all suggestions and inputs.

I liked this youtube.com/watch?v=qUMobqg … VnhYuQjqLl

You should be able to do it with a decent low rpm single phase output alternator.

But the cost economics for having such alternator (most market ready alternators arent low rpm, hence most need to build one) plus speed reducing gears mostly are the dampners.

There was a article here in FN sometime ago where the post was about an invention using bullock to drive the mechanism and generate power. Conceptually its the same, only difference being the driving mechanism.

Its worth a shot IMO.