Electricity for farmers in Tamilnadu

Hello All,

We just purchased agricultural land for organic farming. We would like to know more about free electricity / solar electricity schemes available in Tamilnadu for the farmers. If there is a write up or blog or website please refer it to us so we can gather basic knowledge on the same


Hello Pravinjk07,

I can give some basic details what I know.

In Tamilnadu you can apply free EB for agriculture land. We have 3 option:

  1. Apply free EB - you may have to wait for another 10 to 20 years to get but no guarantee. Application fee INR 500
  2. Self Financing Tatkal Scheme -
    For 5 HP - 2.5 Lakh you have to pay
    For 7.5 HP - 2.75 Lakh
    For 10 HP - 3 lakh
    Based on seniority you can get in 6 months to 1.5 years. May be sooner if TNEB have less application for this scheme in your area.
  3. 3A1 - For this service you have to pay for meter reading. You have to pay aprox INR 5 RS per unit. People having less than 3 acre are opting this. No need to pay any amount but you need to pay for Transformers/poles ( If no near by electric poles and load)

To apply in all these you need to have borewell or well in your farm.

If you applied in option 1 above (free EB service) you can approach your local Agri department and they will provide solar with subsidy based on seniority.

For more information please reach out to your local EB and Agri office.