Economics Of Banana Cultivation

I am planning to cultivate banana in 35 Acres of agriculture plot. Locally Karpuravalli(Amurthapani) is theonly variety grown at Nellore region.
The Farmgate price for Karpuravalli is around 250-400 Rs per Bunch(About Rs 15/KG)
However I am intrested in Cultivating G9 or Yelakki Variety. So can someone kindly tell me the farmgate price and Wholesale price for G9 and Yelakki vareities in Major Markets


Dear Sri Sandeep sir,  July- august months are best for plantation of G9 banana plants, and the production starts in juy,august months and good market prices preveal at that time. The price you get depends on the quality you produce, ie; size of fruits,spotlessness of fruits, health and colour etc. But in general , years best price comes in that time. It may not be out of place to mention that yalakki may not do well in production, in my opinion in your nellore area. Pl check with the horticulture authorities of your district. But yalakki banana gets very good price , say around rs 50/+ for good quality fruit bunches in wholesale markets, during july and august months. Festivals season. g.p.rao, farmer

Thanks Rao Garu for your reply.
I will not be able to plant G9 during July and august Months. South west Monsoons do not bear rains in Nellore. As a result summer extends way beyond June. So instead I am planning to plant in October. So that by the time the plant bears flowers the excess heat would have been gone and the yield would come to September and october. I am more intrested in Knowing the prices during these months.

Dear  Sandeep sir, you will get good prices for G9 banana from july-august to till February month generally. In september-October months generally, for good quality G9 banana, the prices will be 10/- to 15/- per kilo.  Only to caution you, pl keep the plants with correct daily watering during april-june months,which results in good harvest. All the best sir.  g.p.rao, farmer

Thanks for the advice rao Garu.
I am planning to use sprinklers in the afternoon during summer months so as to keep the air temperature low. The only doubt I have regarding this is will it lead to sigatoka ??
Also can you give me contact for a reliable Tissue culture Lab?
I am looking for Tissue culture labs in and around Bangalore.(Nellore is about 500KMs from Bangalore)
Also can you advice on advantages and disadvantages of Opting for Primary Hardened Plantlets?


Dear sandeep sir, Sigatoka leaf spot is not very dangerous disease but we should be cautious and see that it will not come and should not expand. Sprinklers are two types.First one spreads the water at ground level and another spreads at heights. First one will not spreads on to the leaves and it is good for banana, will not spreads the sigatoka.    We should be cautious with tc banana plants. It depends on batchwise. Some batches will be very productive and some may not be. You should see and select the plantlets at the lab.     

Hardening the plantlets is a common practice and they are good as they are properly aclamatised to the weather conditions.       

Hope this may suiots to your requirements.If any pl ask me .  g.p.rao, farmer           

I have heard that some TC plants will not flower at all. So In case of these plants are there any signs that I shud look for at the TC Lab and eliminate these Non flowering Plantlets.
Also what are the key indicators that I shud be looking at the TC lab for identifying gud batches and eliminating plants from Bad batches?

Dear Sandeep sir,  Generally it will not happen with reputed, tc labs. Their technical staff take much care, while selecting the mother plants itself. Like,Jain, maharashtra, tc plants, Spic biotech,Coimbattore, Godrej Tc labs , hyderabad and  AG biotech labs, hyderabad  like so many etc are producing very good batches and performing well, upto my knowledge.

It may not be out of place to mention here that I have purchased 72,000 Tc banana, G9 plants and planted in kasipuram village of madugula mandal, Visakhapatnam dist in 2001-02, from AG biotechs,Dr veera Reddy, and found with good growth.

all the best, g.p.rao, farmer. 

Rao Garu,
Thanks for the information.
Is there any specific reason for you to stop cultivating Banana. I know this questiong is out of scope for discussion. But cudnt help asking :sunglasses:

Dear sir, Banana is a crop which needs more, continuous water supply and water is a raw material for banana crop. With water requiored for 5 acres of floriculture, is alone sufficient for 1 or 1.5 acres of banana crop. The areas in and around bengaluru, lands are not much with water  banana cultivation is profitable ,if it is done systematiclly.      g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear sirs,

May I know the type of sprinklers , I have to use. I like to purchase the same from the shop. I am cultivating Banana in 25 Acres. I want to get ready for this summer.

Thank you

Dear Sri Venki, 

Sprinklers , ordinary and spreads water only to a a distance of 3 to 4 ft and to a height of 1 to 2 ft, are available with all the drip supply shops. Only, they have to be operated in hot months like March to June, that to between 9 am to 2 pm only .( not good after 3 pm till evening,as it may increase the leaf spot problems.)

Sir, for Bengaluru whether, the sprinklers are not required, I believe.

You have to ask him to fix in between 4 banana plants at just above the ground level. It will increase the atmospheric humidity and helpful in hot belts , where summer temperature goes beyond 45c to 48c and even above, in march,April,may, June and July  months .

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear sirs,

My farm is at south Tamil Nad, where the summer temperature crosses 40c. We are using Drip Irrigation, We will practice this sprinkler method along with the Drip Irrigation. Thanks for your advice.