Economical way of constructing hut

I recently bought land for agriculture . Land is close to 10 acres .
Have few questions would appreciate if members can guide me .

  1. How many labour we need / acre for agriculture .
  2. Economical way of constructing hut/house for manpower to stay at farm.

congradulations welcome to farmer community.

  1. How many labour we need / acre for agriculture .

It depends on the crop you are sowing.

  1. Economical way of constructing hut/house for manpower to stay at farm.

10’0"x 15’0" + 5’ 0"x 6’0" a good size room with one side fixed granite and kadappa stone as kitchen platform. 

Dig 2’0" deep and 2’0" wide soil cost  Rs.2000/-
lay 40 jelly up to thickness of 5" in the proportion 2:4:8 cost. Rs. 15,000-0
construct size stone masonry 1’0" above natural ground level width at top 1’0"
Cost Rs.30000/-
use 6" concrete blocks for walls height  at entrance door 10’0"k and other end 12’0" cost Rs.50000/-
Fix at least 4’ x 5’ two windows such that air will pass easily .Rs.14.000/-
Also fix 3’ x 2’ cement ventilators at least 3/4 nos above 7’ height. Rs. 1200/-
Use dia 2" pipes 3/4 nos to support roofing sheet  Rs. 2000/-
Roofing sheet : colored aluminium sheets, GI sheets or Asbestos sheets
costs Rs. 4,000/-

Total cost Rs. 118200/-  This is a rough estimate if you plan sensibly even you can accommodate bathroom within this budget only.  Even cement floor will be completed within this amount only.

Once you start attaching no. of units your cost will come down drastically.  This structure has a life span of at least 50 years.

Thanks For reply.

I have not decided what i am gonna plant . My preference would be mix like planting fruits (may be banana , gauva , papaya etc ) in 3 
acres , vegetables in 3 acres , may be a polyhouse in an acre (a year and half from now) , a pond in an acre for water harvesting . These are just my thoughts .

Lot of work needs to be done , as of today we don’t have anything except land  :wink:
We have to get everything right from water , electricity , fencing , room for manpower to stay . So as of now i am just exploring options . So as of now i am concentrating on what would be better and suitable for us . Since it is an unused land we will prefer doing organic
farming .

Dear Neelesh,

Wish you all the best.  For any kind of help ALL MEMBERS OF FARMENST are you with always.  Please update your selection of methods and crops so that it will become a case study to others who are sitting on the fence or even doing wrong and suffering.

Regards / Krishnaprasad


Krishna is a good friend of mine and advises me on many of these aspects. Although not spoke to him on this whatever the quote he has given is pretty accurate as I have recently built a current house/borewell switch house of similar spec and it approximately costed me as indiated by Krishna. I went for cement sheet top and kadapa flooring with one big door and one window. cement finish outside and rough finish inside.