Eco spiritual resort near Pune - inviting partners

I am starting an eco-spiritual resort near pune and would like like minded people to be part of the project. I can help in procurement of land. Interested people can contact me at 9850960162


A few questions. When you say “like minded people to be part of the project” does it mean you are looking for investors or otherwise? If investments, What is the capital outlay for the project? What is the investment you are looking for? How far from Pune? Can we get more details please?

Hi agri_exec

An ideal model would be where everybody has their own land but chips in for development. This will reduce the individual bandwidth requirements, add more ideas and reduce the development cost.

By like minded people I mean folks who identify nature as a source of healing for self/ others and would like to build communities around this broad concept.

This land is around 20 kms from pune,near a dam and would cost around 9 lacs / acre.

If there are enough people who want to be a part of this project and find the cost of land expensive then I can scout for some other locations too.




Thanks. Off hand, below thoughts come to my mind:

  1. If everyone had their own piece of land then each would want to do his own thing. This means the concept of building a single eco-spiritual center may not work. Example, I don’t know stuff about eco-spiritualism so i’m not sure how i would fit in unless i partner with you and bring in some of my own value to the venture.

  2. Too many people with too many pieces of land means over-supply of the same product/service in the same area. Saturation point if you had 2-3 people who would buy land and set up just as you would.

  3. I think if more people were to have their own land, it would take a long time for the project to get started. It would be a nightmare for people to buy land at a certain rate in close proximity to each other ( unless you got a very large piece of land and split it among a few people). Just sourcing land for one person is such a task!!

  4. I think the combined total capital would be very huge if many were to invest in land and infrastructure. Development costs would remain more or less the same for 1 unit or 2 units. Id say marginal difference maybe.

  5. I think you have a nice idea. Just that you have a find a bunch of like minded people. Set common objectives and set up a single resort on a single piece of land. Your partners could chip in land(if they own it already) while you could divert your funds to build infrastructure and working capital etc. The possibilities are plenty. But finding like minded people who will invest in your vision is the key thing.

Lets talk more here and exchange thoughts.

Dear Mr Randhir srivastava
I had spoken to you last year on this project,& I gave you my e mail,and also told that I shall be visiting Mumbai for approximately one month in March 2012 but found no response from your end.What eco spiritual resort if action for sincere implementation is missing.Some of us get into lofty ideals without having inclination to do anything worthwhile even if like minded persons contact you"Udyamen hi siddhyante karyam nahi manorathey,Nahin suptasya singhasya mukhah pravishante mrigah"In case your interest is still existing with all sincerity pl contact me on phone No 9956201856.

Procurement of land has been completed. Fencing has been done, water lifting permission obtained. Pictures of the land can be see at