East West Zeba F1 Cucumber Review

East West Zeba F1 Cucumber Review https://discuss.farmnest.com/uploads/default/original/2X/5/5c6ab848e502517244346ac5081a36413e683f55.jpeg
yield 5.0 1 tolerance 4.0 1 price 4.0 1 overall 4.0 1

Seller’s Description:
Suitable for summer season
Harvesting period is 45 -50 days
Summer tolerance from to Jan -Jun
Cucumber light green in colour and attractive
High yielding and high market price

Growing Conditions:

  • Sowing time: First week of May
  • Farm location: Medak, Telangana
  • Cultivation type: Organic

Crop Experience at Our Farms:

Good germination of about 80%, noted in 5-7 days.
Crop growth was good. No serious pest or disease infestation was noticed. Yield was quite good.

Crop produced fruit of perfect shape, light green colour with white vertical lines, was easy to peel, had crispy taste, good keeping quality, was suitable for salads. Good marketability.

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