Earthworms Wanted

Dear All,
Need some earthworms, where in bombay can i buy them from.
What is fair price for a kg.
Rafiq Yusuf

Dear Rafiq Sahib,
                              We have the farm at Chhibramau Distt. Kannauj in U.P. and earthworms are available at this place only.Delivery for

bulk order against cash payment is made thruogh and charges are borne by buyer.

                            Rate of worms ex_farm is Rs.200 per Kg.You may forward your order duly.

hellow sir,
:slight_smile:please contact the municipal corporation. they use earthworms for decomposing&manuring of can take one bag of “vermicompost” it contains plenty of eggs and multiply if you protect them under shade & water & organic food like dung ,veg waste

Dear Rajimpex,
How many earthworms required? count in crores?
If yes than call me with your complete profile.


Even i am looking for Live earthworm in Mumbai
Can someone help me in this