Dwarf variety date fruits required


Hi Chandra,
Dates saplings price at their nursery starts from Rs.100 to 3600. I have given this information on my 2nd post on 20th june 2012 in this topic. That price is at TN in my friend nursery.


Dear Farmers,

i have stayed in abu dhabi, uae for 5 years and witnessed 5 date crop seasons.

  1. there is no such thing as dwarf variety. dates in gulf countries start giving crop when they are about 4 feet high, but fully grown tree is  8 to 10 feet high.

  2. The photos of  dates show that they are not fully ripe yet. so, if you want to plant the seeds, then allow them to ripen in a closed  wooden box to turn to dark brown color, and  sweet juice forms in the dates. acidic juice means the dates are not ripe, but people like to eat them in that condition also.

  3. plant  the seeds in poly bags  or directly in ground.  they  germinate well in rainy season.  date has  a strong tap root that grows very fast,  the length of the root is more than the height of the seedling. so, transplant the seedling from polybag, in the rainy season itself.

  4. I brought 5 varieties of date seeds and planted 2 years  back.  plants yet to start flowering.

  5. please note that  dates sold in bulk during ramzan time are  boiled and sugar syrup added. they will not germinate.
        if you can buy  dates in  UAE  from super market, where they are sold loose , in about 15 varieties, you can remove the seed and  plant them. the costly dates are not  boiled.  cost  is  around  rupees 500 per kg in supermarkets.

  6. we are getting some  indian  processed but imported dates, need to experiment whether they will germinate.

  7. Tissue culture date plants are available in abu dhabi / dubai. try to contact some dealer on internet.  however, the plantswill be quarantined and it is a long process to get them cleared.  so,  planting seeds is easier method.

  8. Saudi dates are most expensive , some varieties are rupees 1000 per kg. Saudi dates are big in size.  UAE dates are  good crop bearing with medium size and medium quality.  Iran dates Kimia are  juicy and  have thin skin.

Madhava Varma
zbsf farmer


Dear Sir,
Thank you for your information and I have already planted in to poly bags, the seeds from fruits got in Bangalore.


We are looking for quality date palm trees for our farm. Where will I get these trees. I will appreciate the information. Thanks


Dear all,

If you need clear information from Kutch contact  Mr.Falgun Mod, Deputy Director, Horticulture,Kutch about Dates Suckers and he is my junior while studying.


Thank you


I herd a friend saying that we can get Date saplings from Kadiyam in Andhra Pradesh near Rajahmundry. May be you can reach Mr. Verma on 9849861356.

If someone wants some saplings in or around Hyd we all can order together along with other plants.

I am looking for big variety of Amla saplings.



My friend Anbalagan sells date plam tress. His contact number is 960-032-1911


info on date plants, link from Hindu

just staring to go through the website, maybe this helps



Nice lead, I am going to call them one of these days.


I found a date plant in our school premises yesterday - children we clearing the area to plant some amaranth and thought it was some weed, the plant has one leaf like a small coconut about 4-5 inches - attached to the seed clearly visible Kajur, explained to children and replanted in the same place.
Question - will it grow, worth saving, planting in a different location - the present location we use for palak and greens so frequent digging by children.
please do suggest what can be done


[b]Dear Friends,

I’ am currently working in Saudi Arabia in Telecom. I collected some information in an Agriculture exibition here for Dates plantation. Tissue culture is quite popular here. The prices for Date Saplings here ranges from 120 SR to 500 SR. The Saplings are more than a year old and are shipped both in Plastic bags as well as plastic tube trays.
1 Saudi Riyal = 14 INR.
The local varieties here include the following.

  1. Barhee
  2. Khalas
  3. Sukkary
  4. Sultan
  5. Majdul
  6. Rashudia
  7. Suqie etc.

Please let me know if you guys need further information.



Thank you Sir,
Is it Possiable to Grow Dwarf Dates Near Hyderabad.If so where shall we get Saplings.

for Vasudha Green Farms,


You can shift it to suitable location and it is sure that will give you fruits.


Hi… your crop must be 8 Years now. I have also started with Date Cultivation.

its a modest start with about 200 plants (Beri Variety). in Northern Rajasthan.

I have following questions to you with regard to Date Cultivation.

  1. Is there any literature available on Date Cultivation available in India?
  2. How regularly the irrigation needs to be done?
  3. what all kind of fungus and insect attact is there and what sollution is used?
  4. What is the harvesting season?

My plants are about 3 months old, what is the annual growth rate of this plant?

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Call me.





While dates farming is picking up in India , a word of caution . Labour is expensive these days , concentrating on less labour intensive farming is better . Harvesting the dates might be a problem at a later date . While dates can be imported on a daily basis which can fullfil the needs of the market since vegetables are exported from India to the middle east on a daily basis dates can also be similarly imported either fresh or processed . The prices may not be viable in the long run and one needs to be careful of the market risks . While at the time of planting might not be that expensive fertilisers , bugs etc might cost and it does not justify the inital cost of Rs.3500 for a plant . If one were to plant a couple of acres then the cheaper method would be to visit UAE or Saudi and pick up dates from the market and harvest the seeds for planting . My suggestion would be to look at coconut which has perinneal demand and right now the cost of buying tender coconuts has shot up compared to the prices offered a couple of years back . Comparing dates farming and coconut farming I think coconut farming might turn out cheaper in the long run .