Dutch Rose Cultivation in polyhouse

Kindly discuss the economics & Export potential of Dutch Rose Cultivated in polyhouse. I am planning to set up Half acre unit for cultivation of dutch roses. Any input from your side would surely enlighten me!

I too am looking for some kind of document for Rose Cultivation in polyhouse. If somebody can provide some insight into the setup cost/ yield and possible returns it would be great.


Hello Members,
I am interested to start Dutch rose cultivation in Hyderabad for which I am looking for suitable consultants or polyhouse vendors for taking it forward.

Thanks and Regards,
Deepak Sharma.

I am also looking for dutch rose (Tea Hybrid) cultivation. I want to start with 1000 sqmt, but seems with all the necessary infrastructure, 1000 sqmt poly house with side net is not viable. So I am planning to go for 2000 or 2500sqmt depending on whether I will get subsidy from NHM for this.
Basically I want to focus on Northeast market only since most supply comes here from kolkata or bangalore, so I feel there is a scope for local supply.

If there is a document with details of cultivation processes, fertigation, cost etc will be very helpful