Dutch Rose and Color capsicum cultivation under Polyhouse

Hello Guys

Its good to be back. I have been into rose cultivation and color capsicum cultivation under polyhouses from quite sometime now, and have practically faced all the problems that come in the way of rose growing.  Looking forward to a healthy and meaningful conversation ahead.

Thank you


Hi.how was yr exp on capsicum.and cucumber. How much did u yeild.
What rate did u get…
Did u send it to delhi

Hi Aman

Am planning to setup a polyhouse for rose cultivation near Delhi. Completely new to the field… same old story IT job and looking for own venture blah bla.
Still in ideation stage and doing research and cant find any better platform than farmnest to discuss my queries, consultants make an ass of you… they give you such a rosy picture.

Anyways wanted to ask, what are the problems that you faced for rose cultivation… what are the realistic yields per acre. Also as north india bear extreme temperatures in both summer and winter, is it viable to go ahead? Any possible and detailed info that you can give would go a long way.

Thanks in advance ~ Cheers

Hello Aman,
Can you please share some of of your experience in the forum, so that others also get benefit from your experience.