Dry mushroom cultivation

I am interested to know from members in the forum about dry oyster mushroom cultivation. I have seen lot manufacturers in B2B sites quoting a price of over 700/kg does this reflect the current trend and also if you could answer my following queries.

  1. end users for the product.
  2. current prices.
  3. Any producer companies started by mushroom farmers which markets these products directly to the customers without middlemen.
    4.export markets.

Appreciate if I could get your thoughts on this.

Dry Mushrooms has got demand in abroad not in India. Most of the mushrooms grown in India are selling freshly.
Dry mushrooms trend is not popular her in India, but it has got demand in abroad. Big mushroom farmers are exporting fresh & dry mushroom on contract basis.
Answers to your quarries.

  1. End users are those who are educated and knows medicinal values of the mushroom & numbers are increasing.
  2. Current prices are differs from place to place and producers to producers, however fresh mushroom are selling @ Rs.100 to 120/- (it is not constant price) Dry mushrooms are more are less about Rs.500/- for Kg.
  3. Decent number of Farmers growing in South India & large scale farming is happening in north India, but not for Oysters.
  4. Only Medicinal vale mushrooms like Genoderma. Shiitake & others have got very good demand from Pharma companies.

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