Dry fish waste as fertiliser


For my coconut trees i was advised to use dry fish as a form of manure and fertiliser about 2 years back . I have had rapid developement of the coconut saplings in 2 years . Would recommend at least a kg of dry fish waste for coconut trees . Anyone else with similar experience for other crops using dry fish waste ?


Hi yugaaa,

Where do you get Fish waste? Do you use a farm pond ?


I got dry fish waste from walltax road end . The road next to chennai central . End of the roads there are dry fish stalls and they have the waste with them as well .


I think dry fish also solves sea weed extract requirement


Yes we can do this it’s called as Kunpajala.


But wetty waste more useful more than dry


For me it was not possible to transport wet waste from the city to the village . SO had to use dry and I think dry has more salts than wet , because all the time i have people telling me to use salt for coconut trees