Drumsticks (Rohit-1)

Hello All;

I am starting with drumstick cultivation around Aug-Sept in 1 Acre (To start with) of Rohit-1 variety and would be taking the saplings from Mr Balasaheb from Nasik.

Would like to know more comments and suggestions from everyone who have did this before or know about this.

What would be the precautions I would need to take? What would be the ROI, if everything goes well? What would be the inter crop possibilities?

The land is situated bellow western ghats. (Around 100kms from Mumbai)

Hoping for responses and assistance…


If you are considering Rohit-1, why not PAVM?
farmnest.com/forum/agricultural- … -dindigul/

Also please refer this farmnest.com/forum/new-trends-in … /#msg10391

Hi Parag,

More logical reason to is reach towards the person who works and have done research on this variety. I can drive in 2 hrs incase I need to meet him… Otherwise phone is always there.

Plus… Not much hassle of transportation…


Thanks Shri.

I have already spoken to Mr. Vivekanand, Director SEVA. They- SEVA & Mr. Algarswamy are ready to share the crops but have requested to arrange for transport. Below are the contact details. Mr. Algarswamy speaks English hence won’t be any issue if you decide to call upon him.
Mr. P. Alagarsamy at No:6/39, south street, Pallapatti, Nilakottai Taluk, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, mobile: 98653 45911 / 97917 74887 and Mr. P. Vivekanandan, email: vivekseva@dataone.in, phone:0452-2380082 and 2380943.

Any updates Shri on this? Did you get a chance to connect with Mr. Algarswami?

Hey Parag

I had tried to rreach you to know your experiences…

I had already ordered Rohit1… My plantations are complete last month… Observing now…


Whats the progress on this

how are your plants ?


Hi Shree,

Would appreciate, if you can provide an update on the outcome … many folks are anxious to know and could be benefited from your experience :slight_smile:


I have three varieties of drumstick plants
very high yeilding

can you please elaborate which variety and how much kg per plant?
Also other details like spacing and watering will help, we are planning for 2 acres of PAVM variety.


I have local native variety
not any hybrid

very high yeild

Hello Everyone,

The plantations had come very well.

Plants had taken up good growth by March… quite a few were already aroun 3.5 + feet in height by March 1st Week.

I had to come to US in Mid March.

There was good growth in April and May and had the caretaker had started pruning the saplings to keep them to 1 meter in beginning.

In mean while, due to lack of vegetation in surrounding area, cattle and Nilgai have been feasting on the leaves of the plants. Since I am away I couldn’t do much about it. Even the barbwire fence has been ineffective so far.

Getting back next week… stay tuned for more updates.


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Can you pls update the status on the plantation

I am also planning to plant this rohit1 variety
can you please update how was the plant growth and have you made a nice profit???

Hi Guys,
Any update how did youll sell the drumsticks. Did it make profit?