Drumstick seed oil used as bio diesel or not?

Helllo frd…
                  Can we use drumstick seed oil as bio diesel ? And other any uses of drumstick oil ? Pls reply…
Thank you

Dear sir, oil extracted from drum stick seeds is very costly. It is used as lubricant oil for sophisticated machinery matting parts.  g.p.rao,farmer

What it market value per liter? Acc to u it profitable or not ?

Dear sir, Upto my knowledge the present market value of Ben oil ( drumstick seed oil ) is around few thousands per kilo.please note that my intention is only that it is not economical to convert it to diesel .  g.p.rao,farmer

Predominantly Moringa oil is used in cosmetics and as lubricant for finer machinery.

But research articles off late talk a lot on its usage better in comparison to jatropha in manufacturing bio diesel.

Viable or not, need to first understand the costing involved to produce such bio diesel.

On a curious case, the calorific value of diesel is around 40K where as of moringa oil is just 800 odd. How do we combust such low calorific value material? I wonder.