Drumstick pest and disease help

We have drumstick plants and they are showing the symptoms as shown in attached picture.
The leaves are becoming yellow, fruits are having gray color stains. Some of the younger fruits are having dried tails, bottom part is drying out. Most of the leaves have already fallen down.

I suspect mites and downey and powdery mildew, but not confirmed. Even it is that, I am not sure what to spray.

Organic and inorganic solutions both welcome.

Please help on what solution could be.


I too have the same problem, any help is appreciated, I would prefer an organic treatment.

It appears to be powdery mildew. damaged parts cannot be revived. to prevent spread.prophylactic measures such as spraying,bavistin/sulphur/papaya leaf extract be sprayed

i would like to know the type of soil and watering detail also chemical fertilzer and pesticides used

Following solution worked for me with powdery mildew
[li]1 TBSP Baking soda[/li]
[li]1 TBSP Coconut oil or Vegetable oil[/li]
[li]1 TBSP Liquid soap[/li][/ul]

Mix the above solution with about 4 liters of water and spray on the affected area, preferably in the morning after the dew drops have been evaporated. Sooner you handle it the better, to avoid it from spreading.

Monitor it closely and you might need to repeat it after about 10days, if you see them coming back again.

need help in controlling this borer which goes deep in the main stems of drumstick plants. It grows to about 3" long and small finger size thick and moves.

Would appreciate any advise on how to eliminate them
Right now we are chopping off all the infected plants

Resp Veeralakshmi Madam,

This Stem boring beetles lays the eggs on the bark cracked portions.Aftter hatch, the larve enter in to the stem and goes to the root system.

To control, first harvest the pods, wet a swab with carburyl 10 or 20 ml and press it into the hole with a thin rod. and/or  feed the root system with 10 ml Monocrotopas + 10 ml water, .

Cut the pods only after 3 to 4 weeks, after this treatment.

with good wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer