Drumstick leaves yellowing


I have noticed that the leaves of my drumstick plants are becoming yellow. Please help what could be issue.
Attaching some photos, please let me know.


Did you get rid of white grubs? I suspect they are present down in root zone. Secondly what is your watering schedule?

Hi Nikhil,

Even I had similar problem some time ago. I got it back to normal by watering once 2-3 days and applying jivamrutha. Hope this helps.


Root grubs affected some of the plants, they are already dead. I have seen the symptoms of root grubs, the whole plant starts to wilt and then dry up, here some of the leaves are turning yellow, not wilting.

Rest I am watering every week, in addition to rains.
I suspect excess watering, I read somewhere that excess watering causes drumstick to shed leaves, could be wrong.

Please let me know.

Some yellowing, I thought was seasonal and normal?

Yellow leaves are an indicator of excess watering.Pl be moderate in watering or root rot may commence.In addition get the soil turned around 4-5 feet dia around the tree stem every month.It provides much needed air to roots to become healthy

Try perhaps adjusting your watering and make sure you have no grubs in the root area