Drumstick challenges

8 month old moringa started flowering but 90% of the leaves have fallen and branches are also falling after turning yellow. pls suggest.

cHello Lokendra, some pictures will definitely help understand the problem better. Can you upload pictures please?

sir pls see the photograps and suggest what to do

had done drenching of humic acid and ammonium phosphate sprouting has started and plants are on recovery.

Hi I am Ganesh a new member to this Farmnest.I have a drumstick plantation of Alagarsamy’s PAVM variety spread over 12 acres.Around 64 pits in a acre and 2tress in one pit altogether I have planted 1400 plants in 700 pits in feb 2016.First flowering took place in the month of December 2017.Most of the flowers didn’t get converted into pods,whatever small portion converted into pods were of slightly reddish brown in colour and the appearence was not impressive.When I tried to find out the reason, I was told that during the months from november to february the pods will be brown in colour because mist.But the consequent flowers in the months from feb 2017 till april 2017 were also yielded the same browish colour pods and also the out skin was little rough and tough.There were flowers from april till august 2017.Now I could see the flowering has started but the conversion into pods remain the same with brownish colour.
The growth of the trees are fairly ok but the colour leaves pale green with yellowish appearrence.I was about to give this cultivation but on going through Farmnest,I though I would try to get some ideas from the experienced members to have solution to my problems.1) How make the leaves more greener,(2)How to increase flowereing and reduce falling of flowers (3)To make the converting pods into saleable green colour.Hoping to have valuable guidance from the members.

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Pl check with local Horticulture department for suggetions on leaf colouring.

Pl find with other farmes to who took same variety plants from the supplier to confirm pod colour of pods same or different.

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SM Reddy

Thank you very much SMR