Drum Stick Fruit Fly

Drum stick Fruit Fly will destroy my Drumstick feild.I sprayed Malathion but fruit fly not stopped.Please suggest effective treatment for fruit fly.

We had the same problem and we were told that after the fruit is invaded by the insect then it is not much you can do. we have experts on this forum who probably can help, What we did after this was a 10 day neem spray regimen and what was also recomended was to have the Yellow Sticky traps.

The spoilt fruits need to be removed from the farm and burnt if possible.

Hello fellow farmer,

It’s very unfortunate but fruit flies are disaster and real menace to the farmers.
You could’ve taken precautionary steps during the flowering period. You did the mistake of spraying Malathion.
Tested , proven and reliable remedy is pheramone traps, stcky traps and solar devices which can effectively control these flies.
While doing these steps try to plant marigold also in your farm to protect your crops from the attack of fruitflies.


planting a line of marigold was probably the best impact followed by the sticky traps in the second round of flowering that we had. Although the regular farmers are not very happy about planting a line of Marigold every acre … it really helped when we had our main crop flowering and offcourse i cannot forget the number of times we had neemoil sprays.

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Try fruit fly traps. These traps are very good for Mango, Guava, Sapota, and all other vegetables. Fruit fly traps are available with me at a low cost @60/-. Call me at 9440505230.

Simple and the Best solution is to

  1. build a fruit file trap use a Dead Fish as a bait, night use fluorescent light near the trap, to trap more
  2. Fruit file are attracted to yellow color, install yellow sticky pad, homemade for each plant.
  3. Fruit are eaten up by frogs, lizards (Geico lizards)
  4. All fruits need to protected with a plastic cover or at least with a newspaper wrap
  5. Neem/cooking oil with Hand soap mix with water regular process filler it uses a sprayer or red Hot cooking chilly power 25% with cooking oil 5% add water 5liters filler it and use the sprayer, also sprayer needs eye and nose protection, all bugs and dogs and animals died.
  6. Treat all your plants with love and never use bio-process chemicals just look after them like a human.
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