Drum Stick farming and marketing Issues

Dear All Friends
Can you tell us how far the pulp of the drum stick is useful for medicinal and commercial purposes ? and how far the pharma co can purchase from the farmers? What are the chances for its export by MNC’s?
We are organic farmers in Gujarat and  we wish to plant around 20,000 plants of drum stick in an organic way but we don’t find suitable arrangement or information for purchase mechanism and hence, it is a risky proposal to plant it without advance arrangement for the disposal arrangements for the produce.
can you all help us to co ordinate with some such marketing, corporate farming and contract farming co?
We also intend to go for the massive plantations for Sitafal and Desi organic papaya but we don’t find any marketing, commercial, technical support. we know that extract from papaya is useful to make Pepin for the digestive drugs. Please guide us to go ahead or to give up the idea.


As Mr.Pesky has commented on Moringa and its various aspect of yield, marketing and market preference , India is not a suitable commercial market for moringa…But if any new variety is evolved and brought into cultivation it is not certainly without some advantage and benefit …For direct consumer market PKM 1 is best but for value added commercial moringa market PKM 2 is the best since it gives extraordinary yield and its extended life span…

As pesky said when you go for processed and value added moringa products like Moringa seed kernal oil, moringa leaf powder , better choose PKM 2 …for direct consumer market do choose PKM 1 …

The moringa powder finds excellent market in canada and USA particularly Newyork city where retail outlet is used to sell this kind of items and products are moving in large volume …When I directly interacted with some people like Ms.Michelle, Mr.Mark sutton, and christina ripa segal and James lisaad oitzinger they talked very much about this product and its large scale consumer preference…Unfortunately they could not find adequate supply to meet the consumer demands

why I am telling you this is better you do Moringa farming in large scale either in contract farming or by other suitable method and set up your own processing plants and export it to international market …In that case no doubt you could earn millions of dollars …There exist vast scope and market prospect for moringa product in foreign market but you need to take initiative and lead …

It will take some more years for India to realize the real value associated with Miracle and magic plant Moringa …

Cultivating moringa alone in over large area without finding suitable market will be a real head ache for you…stay blessed

Thanks for the guidance but will need few more to tell us about the issue

Dear Resp farmer ,we , farmers and, forum members, can answer your questions ,if they are specific.

You are telling/stating, that you are a very big company doing farming in thousands of acres and you are asking us about marketing, that to a bunch of questions.armer

Please, ask the forum members about any specific questions and the forum members will be able to answer you.

Pl take my answer in a positive way. Hope you will understand.

All the best to your company and you.

Best wishes,  g.p.rao,  f

Dear Resp farmer, upto my knowledge there is lot of scope for marketing if you grow it in certified organic farming, from a reputed certifying agency.

First you pl contact the Organic certifying agencies, like SKAL, IMO, ECOCERT etc etc. They will come to your land and give their clearance, if the land is suitable for organic farming. ( they will have some standards ). After they give clearance, you have to negotiate with them and you have to pay their feeses.

Then they will give you a proceeding letter saying that the crop will be in observstion for an year or two years. Then plant the moringa olifera ( drumstick plants ), which ever variety suits you.

In the farming period, the certifying agency officials will visit your farming land, with intimation or without intimation.Once they are certified, they will issue a organic certificate about your land sy nos, village, area and crop details.

Once they give a organic certificate,  They will publish in their magazines and they reach to the organic marketing companies. I once again inform you sir/Madam ,that once you get an organic certified Moringa olifera ,
ample marketing facilities are there, as it is an international market. organic certified ( from an internationally reputed agency only )Moringa olifera dry leaf, leaf powder, sticks, stick pieces, Ben oil etc are having very good requirement,demand.

We are very lucky to have such godly plant like Moringa Olifera. All countries requires these products either by well developped countries,  under developped countries and poor countries. All of us knows that it is a nutritous food for humans, for preparation of so many medicines, animals  etc.

I request all our forum members to focus on moringa olifera .

Here i want to inform all of our forum members that, upto my knowledge and gathered information , one company started fruits farming in 10 acres land, with an investment of around 55 lakhs and reached to a stage of hundreds crores international market with their own brand, just within less than 6 years. (may not be correct to name the company ). great inspiration for our farming community.

Wish you all the best . g.p.rao, farmer

We never stated that we are big farmers . we are planning and before that we wanted to know the views of the members and we are happy that a detailed information is given by Mr GP Rao. we thank you for the same.

Dear Senior Farmers,

I kindly request you to direct me to source where we can sell Ben Oil.
We have Drum Stick farms - we want to go up the value chain and want to start making and selling Ben Oil.

Also any other insights into this market is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your nice information. Can you help us to get contact details of thre experts you have referred in your reply. We can ask them too for some more details.