Drip tape from jordan

We as a group of about 3 people want to order drip tape from a company from Jordan since the tape almost resembles lateral available locally but is cheaper. It costs about 3.00-4.00 rupees per meter. We came about this company in the agritech show 3 weeks back. If people are interested we could order from this company. Their website is: www.dip.com.jo

Thank you Bhayya for your Posting.

At the Price of Rs. 3-4 you have referred can have here in India at that Price. One Company Driptech and Netafem are also supplying the same. You can go through the details of the websites of Driptech and Netafem. Earlier our several Brothers have Posted about this . I f you want I can supply from Hyderabad,Telangana State.