Drip Pipe Network for Watermelon


My plot size is 200 X 400 mtrs. I am using a main line pipe (2.5’) for 400 mtrs. For cultivating watermelon, I have been advised to create a Bed size of 1.25 mtr with a spacing of 4 mtr and seed to be planted with 2ft spacing. I am using 10 HP pump and the tank is just aside to the site. Now I like to calculate the second line pipe (2" size), and the number of Drip hose( Black) required for the total site.
Thanks in advance.

you could use a drip tape with 40 cm spacing . The tape option is cheaper as it comes in 1000 mts length and it would take only half a day to install the whole tape line . I have done the same for a 2.5 acre water melon farm .