Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is the slow, precise application of water and nutrients directly to the plants’ root zones in a predetermined pattern using a point source. As we all know water is the most precious and now not free anymore.  To use the water wisely in farming drip irrigation technique is very effective.
For a successful irrigation system , it must include proper design, correct installation, the right component selection, the proper layout, and equally important, appropriate maintenance and drip irrigation  has all the features and flexibility to adapt any layout,any location.
Drip irrigation system delivers water to the crop using a network of mainlines, sub–mains and lateral lines with emission points spaced along their lengths. Each dripper/emitter, orifice supplies a measured, precisely controlled uniform application of water, nutrients, and other required growth substances directly into the root zone of the plant.
Water and nutrients enter the soil from the emitters, moving into the root zone of the plants through the combined forces of gravity and capillary. In this way, the plant’s withdrawal of moisture and nutrients are replenished almost immediately, ensuring that the plant never suffers from water stress, thus enhancing quality, its ability to achieve optimum growth and high yield.


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We are agreeing all what you said. In view of  the uncertain Climatic Conditions the Drip system is Boon to the Farming Community.No doubt nothing will replace this system of Farm Irrigation  except to Improve certain feature to make ease to the Farmers. The Govts. should Consider more and More subsidies for this System in view of the  coming down the availability of Surface and Ground Water. It is not only saving of Water but also gives GOOD yield of for all Types of Crops in regard to Growth,Yield, Quality,less diseases, in addition to the Saving of Water .

But the Problem we are facing is that we could not Provide  Organic Manure like Panchagaya etc . Kindly enlighten the Procedure for providing Organic Manure through Drip. We are in hope that you will Provide the Solution for this Problem of providing Organic Manure through Drip.Me.

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Organic inputs like Panchagavya , Jeevamrutha may be used in drip irrigation after diluting and filtering them to remove any suspended impurities.

Thank you Bhayya varaahan  sb for your Posting.

It is very difficult  to Provide Organic Manures like Panchagavya / Jeevamruth etc.even after Filtering and Diluted .

Because it is an organic Manure it is getting Clogged even after several efforts. It may be possible to Fertigate
by constructing a Filtration  Chambers as posted by our one of the Forum member. But we have not tied it. (Through Filteration Chamber)

For panchgavya or jeevamamruth, I think one of ZBNF books has design for filtering. I think book number 1. There he has mentioned about filtering by making layers of sand, gravel and some other materials. Cannot find the book, but I am sure other ZBNF farmers here can share more information.


Lot of discussion happened on this in the past. Jeevamritha can be feed in drip but not Panchagavya(may because of the viscocity or fat content in that)

see below link for more discussion
farmnest.com/forum/natural-farmi … /#msg11925