Drip irrigation kits - how, where to buy


I am trying to get a DIY drip kit installed in my farm but though I have got details of different systems like Jains, IDE etc, there is no info on where to see them and where to buy. Ideally, I would like to talk to an expert to figure out what to buy and then go for it.

Any pointers appreciated.


Member can answer your questions.

What is your crop? What spacing you have between plants. Make a PPT with diagram (location of bore well is needed)and post it, lets see what we can help you.

Dear Sri Lal,

DIY drip kits, IDE etc ? Are they for agriculture purpose or for hobby/still photography etc.

As asked by our Moderator, sri2012 sir, pl inform us, about crop, spacing etc if you want for agriculture, so that some of our members will advise you.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Thanks for the response. I have made a slide on the layout and attaching the same.

To answer the questions asked:
This is for agriculture
Land is a 3 acre plot roughly 100m by 125m
In kerala, kollam, at sea level and no elevation change within the plot
Soil is sandy loam
Currently has about 60 mixed age coconut trees with low yeild, 15 mango/jack fruit/teak trees
Sufficient water

I am planning to plant teak/mahogany and other shade trees along the boundary
Coconut trees at regular intervals, maybe 15 x 15 feet
Limited number of fruit trees like mango/rambutan/pomogranite closer to and around the house
Banana in area north of well (A)
Tapioca/Yam and other tubers in area east of well (B)
Vegetables in small area within the house. It’s actually an open courtyard (F).
Not decided on areas C, D, E except coconut and fruit trees mentioned earlier.

Thanks and regards,
layout.pptx (40 KB)


Pls help on this. Or do let me know if any further details are required.


Dear Lal,

First & foremost suggestion is not to go for the readymade kits, as most often these kits would not suit your requirement.

I strongly suggest a tailor made approach here.

To start with;

A)Please find a model layout based on your PPT attached here
B)Estimate the no of plants/water per plant per irrigation schedule required
C)Estimate water requirement of each zone
D)Size your main line & subline that can carry the required water
E)Drip laterals & emitters would be depending on your plant to plant spacing
F)The motor selection would depend on the total water requirement per schedule, pressure head required (determined after calculating the distance & pressure losses across the main, subline & laterals based on materials used), availability of no of hrs of power etc

Depending on the water quality you may opt for the drip head unit i.e filters, fertigation units etc. The head unit would be near the water source & act as a distribution point where main lines would be controlled by individual valves.You can inturn use check valves to control sublines too.If multiple fertigation units needed, connect the fertigation units individually to the sublines.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar

Hi Sir

I would like to know the netafim NMC PRO Price In india,Subsidy Details to availing in Andhra Pradesh. to whom i contact Horticulture Dept or Agri Dept. Please give in detailed

Sreenivasa Reddy.9885937269

Identify a vendor (Netafin, Godavari, Jains) from their respective websites and try to find nodal agencies closer to you.

Normally your Horticulture Officer or Horticulture Field Officer (kinda jr to HO) will have their preferred drip vendor too.

Once you have vendor agent, they help you with all documentation, like

  1. Patta Copy
  2. Aadar Copy
  3. 2x Passport Size Photo
  4. ROR Copy from Meeseva

Once the documentation is done, it will go up their channel, and once approved, the said company will implement.

Thank you you will get 50% to 75% subsidy on Drip depending upon the Farmer Status.You Contact your Horticulture officer of your Mandal along with Title Deed Passbook of the land,Adhar Card,Two Photographs, 1 B Farm, Borewell Status etc.