Drip irrigation equipment required

Dear Friends,

I have to put drip irrigation for 10 acres of agriculture land near Hyderabad. Please suggest where can i get these drip equipment and who can actually put the equipments to the field.

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Thank you Sir,

We can arrange drip on Turnkey Basis.

If you want Conventional Drip the cost will be Rs.40 K to 50 K depending upon the crop (Distance is vary from crop to Crop i.e. Vegetable needs  nearer and Fruit/Forest Plantation needs more distance). If you go for Drip Tape system will be lesser Cost about Rs.10 K per Acre. The life of the Conventional system will be  about 10 Years and th Life of the Drip Tape System will be about 5 Years.

If you Plan to go for Vegetable crops we are suggesting Conventional System and if you are planning for Fruit / Forest Plantation we are suggesting you to go for  Drip Tape System which is an Imported one.

Kindly provide us an opportunity in serving you Better and to show our Performance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you needs any clarifications/Queries , we are here to clear/Answer your Doubts.Kindly Mail to vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com

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Dear  Mr. Sanjaya,

We are one of the oldest and largest suppliers of Green House and Irrigation equipment in North India.

Should you not be able to connect  to local suppliers, we can assist you for all your drip equipment needs.


Capt. AK Gupta