Drip irrigation - All about it!

Hello everybody

I am sure most of our community members here must have adopted drip irrigation method. I agree its a very innovative idea, but do you know that every crop has its own drip irrigation design/pattern i.e as per its water requirement on daily basis. their are lot of technicalities that are involved in this simple looking system.
most of us must have faced different issues regarding drip irrigation, their are lot of people in the market who are cost cutting in the actual drip design and saving a lot of money their, this forum is mainly for us to share our experiences and knowledge so that we are educated in this subject and no1 can fool us that way because every crop has specific water requirement more than that or less than it can effect our crop, it is very easy installation once we know all the technical aspects of it.

so, lets start.

please feel free to share your views/experiences and raise your questions.

thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Amansohaney,
Can u throw some light on subsurface drip irrigation esp for black clay soil for the purpose of irrigating cotton?
What are the problems with subsurface irrigation?Bcoz we dont see many people using it(except green houses) in spite of the fact that intercultural practices are better managed than surface drip irrigation and it works out cheaper(as per the quotation).Also little maintenance and minimum evaporative loss.
Kindly suggest few brands/companies also…

did i read Cotton ??! :smiley:

you grow cotton ?? wow!

can you share more plz…


different crops have different requirement of water, wats drip type gotta do with it?

i think i am getting confused… whats the catch?



Iam having a peculiar problum with drip lines ie demage by rats, other small animals which lives in nearby trees. Can any one suggest a good way to control cause about 10% tubes replced every year. myne is Jain system about 6years old.

Here are some questions which would help in building the knowledge base for Drip Irrigation. At this time due to lack of understanding, we are totally dependent on the drip company for estimates, designs. It would be interesting if someone in the group can provide a “DIY” drip details. Not for houses or gardens, but for land of multiple acers minimum

These questions are generic, and can be answered with any plant / tree of your choice to explain the point.

  1. Are there any thumb rules while designing the main line, sub lines and laterals. I was told a lateral should not be more than 70-80 mts
  2. Can we draw a link to the water capacity available to valves, so that when one valve is opened, there is enough pressure and supply of water.
  3. How does the drip system laid once react in summer (less water & pressure) and rain seasons (more water and better pressure)
  4. How does the impact of lower number of valves opened during the peak water pressure on the pump sets.
  5. Any important points to remember while designing the drip irrigation.