Drinkers for a Diary Farm


We run a small diary farm near Thrissur, Kerala and were wanting to buy a drinker for the drinking water needs of the cows (right now 10 of them but may double in another year or so). Could anyone please help us with suggestions for the same?



Dear Mr.Joe,

See the pictures attached. You can install automatic water bowls connected to the water line from the  overhead tank so that when cows put their head inside the water bowl, the lower jaw presses the lever inside the water bowl and water keeps coming until it lifts its head after quenching its thirst. SS bowls are there, hot dip galvanized ones are there, plastic water bowls are also there. Similarly cows nose too presses the lever in plastic bowls. 

Murali Krishnan
srivinayakatvm@gmail.com , Trivandrum


There is a Farmer from Kasaragod, Kerala has designed a simple tank see his design below and his contacts
(0467) 225 4211, 094472,16811vpdivakaran2010@gmail.com

Hopefully it is a cheap and maintanence free solution.

Dear Mr.Sri,

Idea is good. But the only problem here is the disease for the cow standing on the left side end can be spread/shared by the rest of the cows  through water as you see the water for all the cows are interconnected. 

Why in foreign countries this is not thought of is because of this. They have better devices for dairying. So why did they not think of this then? Its how water gets filled in our flush tank from the overhead tank using a ball floating device.


Dear Sh Murali & Sri,

Thank you so much for the information you have provided. We would like to check out both of them. Muralji, could you please pass on any details of the firm which supplies this and what roughly the costs would be.

Thanks once again.


Dear Mr.Joe,

Please e mail your requirement for water bowls- SS/Hot dipped galvanized/ Plastic, milking machines, calf bottle, barn scrapers etc to srivinayakatvm@gmail.com. Let them know your herd strength. For eg. now you may have 10 numbers, planning to add another 10 within a year like that. It helps in giving you the right quotation. Write your location too.


Where to find the drinker bowl shown in picture? Can u plz. mention the address of supplier ?

SS water bowl with brass valves, Hot dipped galvanized bowls and plastic water bowls, please mail your enquiry, farm location, type of water bowl, numbers  needed etc to srivinayakatvm@gmail.com

Murali Krishnan