Dragon Fruit Plantation Information needed

I came across an article in AGROWONE marathi daily on a new fruit called DRAGON FRUIT. Please see the link for reference
epapergallery.com/Agrowon/9O … /page8.htm

I need complete information on this fruit and invite boarders to share their views on this.

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Anant Joglekar

Dragon fruit is very common in South East Asia.
I’m in Singapore for few years now. The fruit is not very expensive roughly < 1 dollar (around 42 rupees) in Singapore.  The fruit is not too sweet and is watery. The texture is similar to Rock melon + Fig (Anjeer) seeds but the taste is entirely different. The seeds are plenty and are black in colour. Similar to Fig (Anjeer).
I will try to see if I can obtain seeds of this fruit.  I’m sure this fruit will be well received in India and will please Indian taste buds.

Please see Wikipedia for more details on the fruit.

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Parag Joshi
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Dear Parag,
Apart from this can you check any other fruit variety which is suitable for growing commercially here in India?

I personally feel some of these fruits will suit Indian taste and might be commercially viable.

Few to name are Rambutan,  Lychee, Longon and one more very similar to Longon (don’t recall the Chinese name. The fruit has sub pieces like orange).  All these trees are relatively care free and require very less attention. This year I have plans to plant all of them to see how they grow back in Maharashtra. I own a farm land Near Aurangabad.

There are few nicer varieties of Mangos available.

  1. Rainbow Mango (Mahachanok) of Thailand. Looks nice, has very nice fragrance and good taste, weighs uniformly to 300 grams per piece. This can be to some extend compared to Alphonso Mango which weighs 250 grams per piece. Rainbow mango has bit lighter coloured pulp as compared to Alphonso. The seed is thin hence more pulp.
  2. The second one is Chinese King Mango of Tiwanese origin- 1200 grams per piece and is sold expensive - close to 8-10 Singapore Dollars per piece. This is also known as Golden Queen mango. See rarefruitnursery.com/products.php and search for Golden Queen or Jin-huang Mango

Other fruits which might already be known are Thai Pink Pomelo, Chinese Golden Pears and Avocado. Pomelo (citrus family) is found common in Andhra – that’s what one of my acquaintances told me.

Some more fruits which have peculiar taste and might be appreciated only by a section of people are Passion fruit, Star Fruit and Durian. Durian is national fruit of Singapore, look wise and texture wise is similar to small Jack Fruit. The odour is intense and mostly unbearable. The fruit is not allowed to be carried on Public transport and one cannot carry it along in hotels/lodges due to strong odour. You will either love it or hate it. The taste is intense of extreme ripe mango and Jackfruit. Even these are sold outside of malls in stalls and not inside.
Refer hotelclub.com/blog/10-must-t … ic-fruits/

If you own a Green House, you can try KIWI fruit which is native to South China and widely produced in New Zealand, but found abundantly in stores world wide and fetches handsome price. See Wikipedia for more info.


Hi , I am interested in Commercial Dragon Fruit farming . Let us discuss "The prospect and business opportunities of Dragon Fruit in India.

As this belongs to exotic fruits group, you will find only hobby planters. I have read one article about this, A farmer from Maharastra is doing it in commercial scale.
I will try to find the article for you.

Thx Sri, I am planning to import Red Flesh  variety cuttings  from malaysia for large scale cultivation ,white flesh is available in India and more popular then red. I came across a commercial dragon fruit farm in chittoor where they cultivate in 20 acres . I think it is MSN Farms . Dragon fruit cuttings are available in pune and  it cost Rs 150 /- per cuttings and smaller in size around 9 inch ( ASB FARMS) . As dragon fruits has many health benefits and it may have good demand in our domestic market , however it can be used to manufacture juices, ice creams and jams etc . Any more information will be great help to proceed further .

I am interested in dragon fruit farming.how safe n profitable is it.where can I get more info regarding this.am from andhrapradesh.
which soil is best suited .wen can we get 1st crop if we plant cuttings.pl revert with any kind of info

hey all !
me too dragon fruit lover. in process of placing an order for about 10000 plants in both red and white flesh.
love the fruit, and i am sure it will do well in local market, considering the changes and awareness among us all.


I am also want to farm dragan fruit, Pl tell about marketing

We have the biggest Nursery of Dragon Fruit cuttings in India, and we have farms all over maharashtra growing dragon fruit, we intend to grow over 100 acres by 2016. Those interested in Dragon fruit plantations can contact us for any assistance - call 9619139744 or gitanjaliorchards@gmail.com