Dragon fruit cultivation

am looking for info on dragon fruit farming.pl revert with any kind of info.
also interested in prickly pear.any1 doing for commercial purpose?
how is the market for prickly pear pads,fruit,dragon fruit.
pallavi sana

i am to place an order for about 10000 dragon fruits (both red and white flesh)
a gentleman from pune is helping me procure the plants.

havent really done any market research for retailing, but i am sure i’ll have it in place before my plants start fruiting (which is about 2 yrs after plantation)

love the fruit and i am sure it will do well in the local market.
will know more when things happen for real.


You can refer to the following links which shed some light on dragon fruit cultivation

aaqua.persistent.co.in/aaqua/for … read=25803
reddragonfruits.blogspot.in/2011 … india.html

Wish you the best :slight_smile:

hey prashant,
thanks for the links.

i have been to nilu’s farm already. also bribed his labor so i can have a regular supply of fresh juicy dragon fruits :wink:

there are couple of mega dragon fruit farms coming up in Nasik. farmers are getting rid of their grapes and looking for alternatives, and Dragons the new choice.


kutch agro supplies dragon fruit cuttings




Dear Friends/Peers,

Are there any updates that any of you want to share on dragon fruit cultivation for the benefit of the forum?

Thanks & Best regards