Dosakaya , madras cucumber , Sambar Cucumber, Mangalore Southekaya, etc

Dear Forum Farmer Friends ,

Sirs,  from past, so many years, I am trying for a high yielding yellow , striped , cucumber ( yellow Dosakaya ), but could not. Essential character for this vegetable is sourness and sweetish combination

During Nineties, I have grown this vegetable twice. Unfortunately, prices were very less and could not get good revenues.

From then, I was trying for a high yielding hybrid seed but could not. Now I have a doubt that whether any hybrid seed of this vegetable is introduced in Indian markets or not.

I want to know about any farmer is doing farming of this vegetable, either a hybrid or high yielding selection and its details like yielding per plant, per acre, size of each one and seeds availability like information, so that I want to do this vegetable farming in 1 or 2 acres, near Bengaluru surrounding area.

My request is, if any hybrid variety is existing, its details and characters may kindly be informed, to proceed further.

I request our Creator, Dr Chandra sir and our Moderator , Sri Sri sir and any other Authorities of Agriculture/Horticulture/Oleri culture to help us in this regard. This information may be useful for other farmers also.

With best wishes to all our farming community ,      g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear GP Rao sir,

I have some experience with RNSM-1 (striped) and Naveen (plain yellow) and they gave decent fruit in Telangana conditions. However since my cropping is in small plots, I cannot say much on yield per acre. The fruits were not bitter and were in general, good looking.

Attaching two pics of my own produce.

Dear Dr Chandra sir,

Nice experience. What is the approximate size of each fruit. How many fruits you got per plant on average.

RNSM_1 and naveen are of which company sir and which did well. Hope the keeping quality is as per market requirement.

Thank you very much for narration of your experience.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

g.p.rao sir,
I don’t have the yield statistics recorded, given these were small plots. Each fruit was between 250g - 500g
I will look up the companies and let you know.

Dear Dr Chandra sir,

So nice of the information. Any information on good and high yielding seeds availability, may be shared.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer