Does neem leaf impact the micro organisams in Jeevamrutam

Planning to mix some dry neem leaf powder in bulk quantity of “Basan (chicken pea flour)” that will be used for Jeevamrutam

would this dry neem leaf impact the micro organisms impact the quality of jeevamrutam

Dear Kushizone,

I was once recommended to have sitaphal or/and jack fruit or/and neem leaves to prepare panchgavyam for pest control, not sure about the usage with jeevamrutham.

But since the application is the same, why not try it?


Saravana Kumar

Panchakavya or Jeevamrutham is used as manure or used to increase the microbes while Neem is supposed to be used as a pest repellent.  I am not sure whether this will have any negative impact.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Neem coating on urea is used to slow microbial activity of microbes and thus its release.
I would imagine there might be some impacts to microbial activity in general but this is just a guess.