Does any one have idea on ANJEER [FIG] cultivation

Does it is good option to cultivate.
I am just trying to get as much information regarding this. As i dont have any inform on this.
Could some one please provide your experience and thoughts on this. thanks

Dear Sri Kumar,

Basically, there are two types fig varieties. One is Tree variety and the other is bush variety. Mostly, all the farmers are growing bush type fig plants. It can be grown as mono crop and also as inter crop. Up to my knowledge, in and around Bengaluru, most of the farmers are growing bush type Fig plants, mostly in Organic method and getting good price for fresh Fig fruits and for dry fruits also.

Organic Method :As a monocrop, around 200 fig plants are planted per acre at a spacing of 5 mtr x 4 mtr. A pit of size 1 1/2 ft x 1 1/2 ft of 2 ft depth is dug. FYM- 15 kgs plus vermi compost 2 kgs plus neem cake 1/2 kg per pit and to be mixed with the dug soil and pit is filled. Add , along with 20 gms of each, Trichoderma viride, Psuedomonas, Paceilomysis, PSB and 20 ml of humic acid per pit and mix it at centre portion. Plant the Fig plant and water it.

From 2nd year, the yield starts and good after 3 years. Price of Fig, organically grown is fetching around Rs 50/- plus more per kilo of fresh fruit and around rs 150/- and above for dry fruit. Per plant it will be around 5 kgs and can goes upto 20 kgs, fresh fruits, and above. Proper pruning is a must every year after harvesting.

Fig is a good crop and if farming is neatly done, organically, it will have a good future for long.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Fresh fruit as well , dry fruits are having good market demand.

Dear Mr Rao,

Where can I find a good Tissue culture lab for Fig Plants.

In particular i am looking for Diana and Turkey Brown Variety.