Does any have idea about Avocado cultivation

Hi Gurus,

Does any one have any idea about Avocado cultivation and market.
i didnt find any information this in internet in india.
could any one please help me on this. thanks

Dear Sri Newfarmer1983,

I am also thinking of Avacado farming and studying on it. In general, Our Bengaluru area is suitable for farming of Avacado trees. We have to get information, whether it is commercially profitable or not.

As far as market is concerned, there is ample market , demand . Up to my studies, sufficient market is there in bengaluru and in all most all the cities/towns of India. In recent years, health conscious is increasing and Avacado juice/fruit users are increasing well.

As far as plants are concerned, they are available locally , in several nurseries. For growing Avacado in our area ,temperatures are suitable, but in a commercial way or not , to be observed/studied. For good pollination also , our temperatures are not bad. ( good is between 18 C to 25 C ).

Apart from this, We have to maintain A type and B type flowering, ofcourse, nature may takes care of it, I believe. Any how, To be ascertained from reliable sources, and it is Under study. Honey bees are capable of good pollinating agents, which are well available in our weather.

I am trying to trace some farmers in our area. I am trying to gather good information on Avacado farming. After I am satisfied , I will let you know sir.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Introduction of Avocado Fruit Farming:-
Avocados are an ancient fruits and originated from central America and Mexico.
These fruits are commonly called as “Butter Fruits” in India. Avocado is a tropical fruit and looks similar to pear fruit.

Commercial cultivation of avocados is limited in India and mainly south Indian states produce avocados.
Generally, July through Sept is the time period to find avocados in the market.

Local names of an Avocado Fruit in India:- Avocado, Butter Fruit (English), Makhanphal (Hindi), Vennai Pazham (Tamil/Malayalam), Alpukat (Marathi), Mager Nashpati (Urdu), Benne Hannu (Kannada), Venna Pandu (Telugu)
Major Poplar Production States in India:- Avocado farming slowly picking up in India. Currently there are limited south Indian states that are in production of avocados. Commercial cultivation is happening in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Sikkim is the only north eastern state where avocados are grown.

Improved Varieties of an Avocado Fruits in India:- West Indian race, Guatemalan race and Mexican race are major avocado races that are well adopted to tropical and sub tropical climatic conditions.

Varieties of Avocado in India: Fuerte, Pinkerton, Hass, Purple, Pollock, Green, Round, Peradeniya Purple Hybrid, Trapp and Long. Fuerte is widely grown cultivar in India.

Climate Required for an Avocado Fruit Farming:- Avocado plants are grown in tropical and semi tropical humid areas. These plants cannot tolerate hot dry winds and frost. They thrive best in true tropical to warmer parts of the temperate area.

Soil Requirement for Avocado Fruit Farming:- These fruits can be grown on wide variety of soils except on poorly drained soils as these plants are very sensitive to water logging. Avoid the saline soils as these plants cannot tolerate saline conditions. The optimum soil pH should be between 5.0 and 7.0 for better growth and yield.

Propagation and Planting Material in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- Usually, avocado is propagated through seeds in India. Generally, the avocado viability of seeds can be increased storing the seeds in sand @ 5 °C (or) storing the seeds in dry peat. Mature seeds taken from the avocado fruits are used for direct sowing on nursery beds or in polyethylene bags. After growing seedlings for sex months in nursery can be transplanted to the main field.

Land Preparation in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- Make the land weed free and fine tilth by giving couple of ploughings. Prepare the soil in such a way that water should not be stagnated. Adding enough farm yard manure or well rotten compost will increase the fertility of the soil so the yield.

Planting and Spacing in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- Dig the pits size of 90 cm x 90 cm and fill the pits with farm yard manure and top soil in 1:1 ratio preferably in Feb to March period. Plant spacing in an avocado fruit farming depends on the cultivar and growth habit of the plants. Generally, a plant spacing of 8 m to 10 m is recommended in avocado plantation. For “Fuerte” variety, more spacing should be given due to its spreading nature. In Sikkim, a distance of 10 m x 10 m is preferred in June to July period on hills slopes.

Intercropping in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- As intercropping provides extra income, farmers can choose to have any kind of vegetable or pulse crops in the inter space. These crops may fix the nitrogen and suppress the weeds and increase the soil fertility. Only precaution should be taken care to grow the crops little far from an avocado plant.

Manures and Fertilizers in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- This crop requires heavy manuring nitrogen plays major role in an avocado fruit farming. Seedlings of avocado should be applied with N: P2O5:K2O in a proportion of 1:1:1 where as older plants can be applied in the ratio of 2:1:2. Generally, the soils having pH value above 7.0 will show the iron deficiency which can be corrected by adding iron chelate @ 30 to 35 grams/tree. For best yield and growth of the avocado, apply inorganic fertilizers along with organic manures. Urea should be in two split doses in month of March-April and Sept-Oct.
Recommendation of fertilizers & manures for an avocado plant:
Tree age (years) N*(grams) P*(grams) K*(grams) FMY (kg)
1-3 40 20 35 25
4-6 75 35 60 35
7-10 150 35 125 40
Over 10 200 45 165 50

Irrigation in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- In an avocado fruit farming, irrigation should be carried out as soon as the transplantation takes place in the main field. Subsequent irrigations can be carried out @ 3 to 4 weeks interval, especially in dry hot weather conditions. Mulching should be carried to avoid any moisture stress during the winter season.

Pests and Diseases in an Avocado Fruit Farming:- In an avocado plantation, the common pests found are mealy bugs, scales and mites. Control measures should be taken by spraying appropriate insecticides.

Diseases found in an avocado plantation are fruit spot, leaf spot and root rot. To control the root rot disease, apply metalaxyl by mixing with soil just before planting the seedlings. These diseases and pests may vary from each verity and soil type and moisture/climate conditions.

Harvesting of an Avocado Fruit:- Plants grown from seeds will be ready for fruit harvesting in 5 to 6 years after planting. There are two varieties of fruits in an avocado farming, purple and green. To determine the maturity of the fruits, colour change should be observed These fruits only soften after harvest and it takes 5 to 10 days for ripening.

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Thanks P.G.RAO sir for your information on this and am happy as u r researching on this.

Hi Rohit, thanks for u r information.

P.G.RAO Sir,

I would like to spend some time on Avocado cultivation research on process and market details.
could you please provide me existing avocado farms in Tamil naidu and karnataka contact details if you have any. so that i can visit the farms once.

Does this farming of Avocado suitable in Anantapur,Cuddapah or Chittoor in AP as the soil in this region is rich in Iron and are hot tropical regions.